Why PS4 Should Kill Cross-Buy

PlayStation Euphoria writes: "The PlayStation 4 is coming “holiday” this year and one of the most anticipated features of the new device is the ability for Remote Play with the PlayStation Vita for every game on the PS4 software lineup. This new feature of the PS4 is something that many PlayStation fans also hope bring new life to the Sony’s latest portable platform."


UPDATE: Due to some outstanding comments I have changed my position on the issue while offering new inquiries on the subject.

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Kanzes1959d ago

With "Remote Play" you have to play near your PS4.. and must have a connection to play outside that.

But with "Cross-Buy" you can play your games offline/online whenever and anytime you want

Godchild10201959d ago

With "Remote Play" all you need is an internet connection to play your PS4 games. I can be at school and my PS4 home and still play my PS4 games.

Kanzes1959d ago

What if I don't have any connection around? I can't use that feature.

But if I got the game via Cross-Buy I can play it offline

syanara1959d ago

I still think the benefits of losing cross-buy would outweigh the loss.

KUV19771959d ago

WHat exactly is the 'benefit' of losing cross-buy?

Kanzes1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

[edited] sorry, misreading :\

STK0261959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Care to explain the "benefits" of losing cross-buy? Just because you kill cross-buy doesn't mean developers are suddenly developing more Vita games. It simply means you have less games on the Vita.

In my opinion, cross play should be kept, as remote play, as good as it may be, is not an all including solution. When you're on the road or anywhere where you do no have access to wi-fi, remote play is useless.


But, why do you believe that developers will suddenly develop more exclusive games for the Vita if cross-buy is axed? At the moment, the PS3 has a much bigger install base than the PS Vita, and seeing just how well the PS4 seems to be doing in pre-orders, it wouldn't surprise me if by summer next year the PS4 also had a bigegr install base than the Vita. From a business point of view, if I had to develop a game on one platform, I'd choose either the PS3 or the PS4.

It's really a double edged sword, as while there is a chance the Vita would get more exclusive games, there's also a big chance it would simply be getting less games, which would eventually kill the platform.

At the moment, the Vita is seen by many as a platform without any killer app and a small library. Vita owners know it is not true, but it's still how it is perceived by many. It needs to get as many games as it can, exclusives or not.

syanara1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

the benefit is a more expansive Vita library. Why buy a vita at all if most of their games are just ported to the PS3 for cross-buy?

Sound Shapes was a great example of this. A game that would have really given a lot to the vita gets ported to the PS3. by doing this the vita loses an exclusive and the library looks less impressive.

The benefit as I said would be more exclusives, developers would care more about their vita game if they had to sell it on that platform of exclusivity in order to make not only the game stand out but the platform as a whole.


That is a very good point if Cross-buy is axed there is really nothing that can be done to prevent ports which is really inevitable. In the end the Vita needs more exclusives rather than ports and while cross buy may have made a small contribution to that it really isn't the real issue. I've changed my mind about the issue.

pixelsword1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

@ San,

That's not a bad point, but what Sony should really do (if they're not doing this already, I just don't know much about the Vita) is allow you to play PS4 games from the Vita but not the other way around.

Being able to download a complete PS4 game and be able to play it in the Vita would impress me enough to buy one, to be honest.

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syanara1959d ago

remote play will allow you to play games anywhere over wi-fi so you don't have to be near the console

HammadTheBeast1959d ago

But is internet really that reliable that we can stream well anywhere?

hkgamer1959d ago

If you remember correctly, nobody has a stable internet connection in the house. Isn't that what most gamers told microsoft?

Anyway, most people like to play whilst commuting, Not every country has wi-fi or 3/4g signal to play whilst commuting.

Game4life1959d ago

not with ps4, you can be on any internet connect

PrimeGrime1959d ago

What does cross buy have to do with Remote Play? I mean I get what you are saying to an extent but why even bring up Remote Play?

It is a completely separate feature from Cross-Buy. Seems you are confusing many people by saying that and they seem to still think that PS4 can only work on local Wi-Fi which isn't true.

syanara1959d ago

remote play would be a substitute for cross-buy without creating the same issues that cross-buy has

PrimeGrime1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )


I understand like I said to an extent but I don't get the correlation between the two and why one should replace the other. They are two completely different features and should be left as such. I don't see it helping anyone removing one or the other.

The more options the better, with cross-buy and remote play. That gives Playstation users more ways and options to play and get their games.

Salooh1959d ago

Cross buy is great for small games because vita can't handle ps4 games. Indie or games like tekken would be awesome for cross buy .

NumOnePS3FanBoy1958d ago

As long as you have a connection to the internet and leave your ps3,ps4 in stanby mode, turning it off with your ps3,ps4 controller, not turning it off completely with the 1\0 switch, you can use it literally anywhere in the globe. but cross buys are great value

DJMarty1958d ago

Kanzes - PS4 remote play not a Wii U, where your limited to play near your console.

PS4 Remote play you can play PSVita anywhere where you have a internet conection.

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Godchild10201959d ago

Why should Sony kill something that is working for them. I'm sure there are many consumers that enjoy the incentive and it should only get better if we see buy once and get it on three platforms for a little bit more than the asking price.

syanara1959d ago

my point is its not working for them, its working for the consumer but I feel the vita's game library is an example of the effect of a cross buy system. The article explains this idea in further detail.

PopRocks3591958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

It's amazing how both our comments are riddled with disagrees when it's nothing but the truth.

Cross-play is NOT helping the Vita sell. It wasn't from the beginning and the fans can click that disagree button all they want. In the same vain that touch-screen gaming has not helped sell the Wii U, cross-play is not helping Vita.

An option to make the Vita a PS4 controller is not going to make it sell, not at its current price tag, though some exciting exclusive games probably would have. I'd really like someone to argue that instead of just hitting a button that says "disagree."

PopRocks3591959d ago

Cross-buy hasn't been working very well at all for Vita, in case you haven't noticed. The only thing that has helped it sell is its price drop in Japan.

Cross-buy is not a bad feature. If anything, getting a free Vita copy with all of my console purchases is pretty cool and adds value to the package. It's cross-play that I feel they should loosen up on. No one wants a $250 Vita to be used as a PS4 controller (which comes in a package that's already $400). Give the Vita its own unique library THEN focus on secondary features.

mxrider21991958d ago

didnt no i could play all my games anywhere with jst a ps4 controller -_-

PrimeGrime1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

Sigh yet another PS4 lesson.

Why is everyone disagreeing saying that Remote Play will not work over any Wi-Fi connection? It does, the PS3 did and so does the PS4. Shuhei Yoshida even answered this question not too long ago it was even put on N4G about whether it would only work on a home network or anywhere in the world.

Remote play can work internationally also. You can access your PS4 games anywhere in the world with the proper connection. It is that simple, so can the blind stop leading the blind please. If you don't know about Remote Play or how it works don't act like it.

Even the PSP could with the PS3, so I don't know why so many people are assuming that the PS4 would work any less than the PS3. As if it being confirmed by the president is not enough proof for you.

Better yet I will circle it out for you. Well that is pointless it shrinks the images so much you can't even see them.. Anyway all this information is available on the Playstation website in the support area and PS Vita manual as well as the PSP manual.

STK0261959d ago

I'm pretty sure most comments on this article referring to remote play were simply about 3 things :

1. You need a decent internet connection, something not everyone has.

2. It doesn't work over 3G, which means those with a 3G PS Vita won't be able to access this feature when not in a wi-fi hotspot.

3. Remote play doesn't replace cross-buy when people do not have access to internet.

I'm not saying what you wrote isn't true, as it is the truth, remote play can be done from any where in the world as long as the PSVita has access to wi-fi. However, from what I've read in the comments section, this was not debated.

PrimeGrime1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

You can't even play most Vita games over local Wi-Fi with 3G. Again Sony stated a long time ago before the Vita was realesed that 3G was meant to stay connected with friends.

It was never really meant to be used for online multiplayer so much. Yes there are very few games that do support 3G but 3G is not made for gaming, everyone should have known that before purchasing a PS Vita.

4G was around for a while also so that should have been even more indication knowing how much of an improvement 4G is over 3G.

You can also use a phone with 4G as a hotspot. Then you have Wi-Fi, that would be better to use than 3G anyway. I know almost everyone knows how to use their phone as a hotspot and most people have 4G phones these days.

Kanzes1959d ago

I think no one in here saying that...

PrimeGrime1959d ago

All the disagrees on people saying otherwise beg to differ.

@syanara said it does, people disagreed.

@Game4life said it does, people disagreed.

@Godchild1020 said it does, people disagreed.

STK0261959d ago

Godchild said :
"With "Remote Play" all you need is an internet connection to play your PS4 games. I can be at school and my PS4 home and still play my PS4 games."

People disagreed with him because his comment was implying cross-buy wasn't needed since you can use remote play, which isn't completely true as cross-buy is mostly useful for those moments when you do not have access to internet.

Game4life said :"not with ps4, you can be on any internet connect"

People disagreed with him because, for one, any internet connection could imply over 3G, which isn't possible, and also, because this wa son the subject of cross-buy not being needed because of remote play. Just like Godchild's comment, remote play over the internet doesn't negate the usefulness of cross-buy for some people.

As for syanara's comment, which I presume is this one :"remote play will allow you to play games anywhere over wi-fi so you don't have to be near the console"; this is N4G, people will agree/disagree with anything without any need for a reason.

dark-kyon1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

westerns thirdparty compañy only know and want to make games to pc,ps3,xbox 360 is safe money to them,the support to new hardware is depressing if not was for japanese third party vita in this moment being the wiiu of sony.

BABY-JEDI1959d ago

I think cross buy is brilliant. Something that adds to your hand held gaming experience/library really isn't something to complain about.

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