Is The Last of Us to be continued? Maybe so

During the cinematic "He ain't even hurt" an interesting conversation pops up between Joel and Ellie. Is The Last of Us to be continued, maybe so.

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tigertron1930d ago


Or maybe it's because Naughty Dog didn't want to put a cliffhanger in so they didn't? hence Ellie saying she hates cliffhangers.

Wizziokid1930d ago

I can see them continuing the series, maybe with different characters since they said joel and ellie is done??

Kingthrash3601930d ago

I coulda swore I read that when they said joel and ellie "is done" they ment the search for the fireflys arc. hinting a possible return.....but no matter the state or whether they return I would like to see a trilogy off this series....I mean if jak and daxter, uncharted, gow, ratchet, gears,halo, ect.ect. get sequels...all great games btw...then tlou BETTER get a sequal...and id perfer them to continue witg joel abd ellie...I want to see her grow up into a badass chick who carrys two magnums and cure bombs mad from her , own blood....imagin crafting that! ....she loses her health when crafting the bombs.....smh just saying the game still has a ton of potential...sooo sequel please.

LF911929d ago

@Kingthrash360, you are correct, here's the interview.

SpideySpeakz1930d ago

I believe Joel and Ellie's journey is done. Maybe they can spin it off from someone else's point of view.

Mr_Nuts1929d ago

Well developers say a lot of characters stories are done after one game and then after they've done so well they end up popping up for the next game.

Time will tell I suppose.

Long as the next one isn't a prequel.

GribbleGrunger1930d ago

That was the first comic Ellie got. 'To be continued ...' gives collecting the comics for Ellie some context.

Ezz20131930d ago

and then she her self said "i hate cliffhangers"

the story with joel and ellie is done
IF they make another game
it will have different characters

GribbleGrunger1930d ago

I agree. It would be interesting to follow the story of the two brothers they meet prior to meeting Joel and Ellie.

rainslacker1929d ago

I think it was part of all the subtle clues throughout the game that Ellie kept giving about how many things she still had left to experience in life.

Spoilers follow

Given all that, it's safe to assume she would want to continue her life after getting to the fireflies.

Mighty Boom1929d ago

Did it sell well, did it make a return on profit?

Then, yes ... the franchise will march forward.

Disagree me, now.

Benjammin251929d ago

No, just no. There may well be a sequel, but your looking way too much into things there.

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The story is too old to be commented.