IGN: Hands-on Deadly Creatures

Deadly Creatures, a Rainbow Studios-created action-adventure set to debut exclusively for Wii this October, ever since it was revealed. In the decidedly dark game, you take on the roles of a deadly tarantula and a venomous scorpion, which creep, crawl and fight their way through underground passages, across desert landscapes and, for one reason or another, into manmade structures, too. The announcement trailer for the project, which premiered in February, offered only a glimpse into its atmospheric universe, specifically spotlighting a couple of cinematics. It all looked very good, of course, but the footage left some Wii owners wondering how the premise might actually translate into gameplay. Now, though, IGN have played and they can absolutely confirm that there's much more to Deadly Creatures than you've seen so far and IGN think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the experience waiting.

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looking forward to all thq games this year.