Summer Video Games 2013: No Drought This Year

Almost every summer there's a drought of good releases, but this year looks to be different. Summer video games in 2013 looks to be filled with exciting titles.

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Realplaya1933d ago

Pikmen 3 and Wonderful 101 should have a high attach rate.

deafdani1933d ago

While I think those games will probably be pretty high quality, that doesn't automatically means high attach rates. Pikmin 1 and Pikmin 2 weren't that popular on the Gamecube despite being met with critical acclaim, and Wonderful 101 is a completely new IP, so it's untested.

Concertoine1933d ago

this is true. pikmin 1 sold just under 2 million units, and pikmin 2 just over 1(though it might have sold more on the recent wii re release). not bad for gamecube games, but it doesn't have the dedicated fanbase the other IP's do. nonetheless it provides unique variety to the growing wii u library.
wonderful 101 though is one of the reasons i want a wii u ;). i love platinum games, they released some of my favorite 360 games

Campy da Camper1933d ago

"Sam is even deadlier in Blacklist thanks to the new Killing in Motion gameplay feature where you execute enemies in a quick fashion as you move from target to target"

*Campy wept.

CaptainYesterday1933d ago

Killer is Dead looks amazing! I just wish I could get the fan edition in Canada :(

RetardedIceCream1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

really dissapointing that the vita only has 3 games on this list but killzone is all i need

drsnoopyseussdog1933d ago

Well there is actually two games that were not listed. Valhalla Knights 3 is coming out in September and The Walking Dead is coming out in August. 5 is better than nothing i guess:)

TongkatAli1933d ago

Dragons Crown is what I'm most hyped about then Pikmin 3.