The Last of Us still Censored in Europe

The multiplayer-mode in The Last of Us lacks the same amount of blood and dismemberments as in the US-version in Europe.
The developers has yet not responded to this issue.

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ArchangelMike3975d ago

This sucks a bit. Not soo much to whine about it, but it still sucks. The game already has an 18 (mature) rating, so what's the big deal?

LoaMcLoa3975d ago

In my opinion, I think it's unacceptable. The rest of Europe shouldn't suffer because of this German law.
The developers/publishers didn't even inform us about it, so I never had the chance to import a US-version before being acknowledged about it.

The least they can do is responding to it, but they haven't done that either. They should atleast give us a reason why they just can't patch it.

Jdoki3975d ago

Entitled whining at its best!

The lack of dismemberments is a minor thing and I suspect it was because it is easier, cheaper and quicker to create a single EU version of the game than have a specific version just for Germany.

If you're really that upset about not having extra dismemberment, then I think you've got more to worry about than video games.

LoaMcLoa3975d ago

Jdoki: It's not about that I seek some sort of satisfaction in dismember players, it's more of the fact that I don't support censorship at all. I want to fully experience the game the way it was made and knowing that I have not recieved a lesser version than the rest of the world.

It just bothers me that we should recieve a more "kid-friendly"-versi on, it makes us look like wussies...
But what more bothers me is that everyone doesn't care about it.
If it would have been the other way around (censored in the US), there would have been a big controversy.

So I hope you understand why I actually complain about something that shouldn't be such of a big deal. If it would lack dismemberments worldwide I wouldn't mind.
And yes, I am aware that Germany handles most of the gaming shipment/business in Europe but there is still not a reason why they can't patch it up for the rest of Europe.


The Sounds of the Fireflies ("The Last of Us") concert kicks-off on April 28th, 2024

"The Game Music Foundation are today very proud and pleased to announce an additional concert, circling back to the roots of Game Muisic Festival in Poland. On April 28th, 2024, the National Forum of Music in Wroclaw will once again become a place to celebrate the art of video game music, featuring scores from The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II." - The Game Music Foundation.


Naughty Dog’s Next Game Is “Really Ambitious” And Will Be “Really Hard” To Create

Speaking on what’s coming next for Naughty Dog, which could be either their new IP or The Last Of Us Part III, Druckmann gave what he seems to feel are realities of the project he’s talking about. That it’ll both be “really ambitious” but also “really hard.”

H978d ago

"I’ve really surrendered to knowing it’s going to be really hard, knowing it’s going to stress members of the team out"
As if crunch wasn't stressing them enough

helicoptergirl78d ago

Members of the team don't have to crunch anymore

helicoptergirl78d ago

According to people who work there

H978d ago

So the people who remained in a studio that had tons of workers quiting and others laid off said that they don't have to crunch, and you are just believing that

frostypants78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

They absolutely will wind up having to crunch. Happens at the end of almost every software project development cycle, especially with release date pressures. It's part of the job. Obviously they aren't in a crunch when they aren't in that late phase. But it's wishful thinking if they think they won't see that stress again. Druckmann himself seems to be aware of that.

helicoptergirl78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Yes I believe them. The people who want to crunch can do it. The people who mentally and physically can't, don't actually have to. Some have young babies at home. Things have changed since the Schreier report.

rlow177d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It wishful thinking to think some workers can choose to crunch or not to do so. That’s akin to people you work with saying they don’t have to do work they don’t like and you’re the one that has to take up the slack. That’s not how things work. Especially if your the person assigned to a specific task that has to be completed for the development to move forward. It’s a team sport when it comes to making a game. As with most things in life. Now that they are a smaller group, it’s even more important for everyone to pull their weight. Peace

helicoptergirl77d ago

@rlow that was exactly the mentality before the exposure and it was talked about and reported on. It's different now. You know, sometimes things and attitudes just change for the better. They knew they needed to change and they have and they're not stopping trying to make the creative environment as good as it can be.

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Tristan198278d ago

When someone pays another person to do a specific job in exchange for a certain rate of pay, it's called work.

H978d ago

They didn't sign to crunch and neither were they paid for it, people were hospitalized in Naughty Dog

MatrixxGT78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Exactly most of these people wouldn’t last a season in the trades.

-Foxtrot78d ago

I f******* love how many people are doing a complete 180 on their views of crunch culture despite the awful stories reported on over the many years just because we’re talking about NaughtyDog

You can’t just cherry pick what to be mad about

“They signed a contract…it’s called work…that’s life…it’s a job”

I mean really guys, if this was EA you’d be having a field day

I bet you any money if any of these guys regardless of studio went in and said to their superior “Listen, don’t feel like the over time tonight, I’ll just stick to my normal contracted hours if that’s alright” I highly doubt they’d be given a warm response

Crows9078d ago


Actually yes they did. If overtime is mentioned...that's crunch.

Christopher78d ago

@Tristan1982: The problem is crunch is because of the inefficient management and sudden changes in projects. ND made major story changes based on some feedback, that results in months of rework, redesign, etc. And none of those changes were built into the project from the get-go, so they still have to meet a deadline.

@H9: One person. And they did sign up for crunch, ND is notorious for hiring people who don't mind it. That's the problem, they tell you who they are, people just aren't listening. And, they did get paid, just their QA level of people are paid shit, which is an industry issue for something so freaking important. And people wonder why we have such broken games at launch. Because companies don't want to pay to deliver as long as people will buy enough to get them past first few months of patches and then re-release a major patch with an expansion to get people to come back.

@-Foxtrot " You can’t just cherry pick what to be mad about " -- N4G home of 'hold my beer' on that alone.

CantThinkOfAUsername78d ago

The kindda guy to guilt trip others into overwork or tell them to be better slaves ('employees'). Exactly what corps like. How does it taste?

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anast78d ago

They get paid and they signed the contract. It's not a slave factory.

Shane Kim78d ago

Shh... your in the era of feeling sorry for people.

jwillj2k478d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Assuming you have a job, how would you feel working 80 hours a week for the same pay? You’ve not experienced crunch otherwise you wouldn’t be speaking like this.

senorfartcushion77d ago

As somebody who has crunched before. No, it wasn't my choice, no, you couldn't handle it, and no, you don't work in a better industry than I do.

Markusb3377d ago

exactly, get the game out before PS6 and if it takes crunch, or over time which you get paid for, get on with it