Neil Druckmann says new Naughty Dog title ‘could redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming

The Last of Us director’s next project is “perhaps the most thrilling yet.

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H927d ago

When you start the game Neil will appear personally telling you about real world issues and call you all sort of names if you don't take action now and then you watch a whole movie and that's it

Crows9027d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Too much credit.

A good dev doesn't need to announce how good his game is...he just shows it.

You don't see Kojima glorifying his ideas like this and you don't see successful developers glorifying their "great" ideas before release.

It's going to be a shit show...reserve some popcorn.

Its a hard pill to swallow but the naughty dog we once had is long gone. Most don't realize it but eventually just like with bioware and blizzard...it'll be hard to ignore.

H927d ago

Neil just wants to be Kojima so bad, meanwhile Kojima is just like a child enjoying the world, saying whatever comes to his mind and having so much passion, man I don't even like his games that much but the man is just passion incarnate!

And the popcorn is always ready for Neil

notachance27d ago

Ever since Bruce Straley left it was like Neil lost his leash and went on full ego trip, not unlike Kojima tbh but at least with Kojima you can see how much he loved video games and how he truly want to push the boundaries. Neil felt like he’s just strutting around..

StoneTitan27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Erm dude. Never played a kojima game before? He can absolutely come across pretentious to some people. He puts his name in the credits of every Mission you do in mgs5.
I mean...
Also naughty dog absolutely has the power to bring in people from a very different demographic unlike other gamecompanies. TLOU and Uncharted were absoolutely groundbreaking for gaming.
Also Druckman never said it "will" he said it "could"
Sounds actually very optimistic but also cautious to me.
Stop hating move on

1Victor27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@crow: “You don't see Kojima glorifying his ideas like this”
You mean like this👇👇
ALL DEV HYPE THEIR NEXT GAME IDEAS so I call BS on your statement

Cacabunga27d ago

I dislike the character, but i really hope this is a single player game..

ElaBosak27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Lmao please tell me this is sarcasm? Kojima is the epitome of a dev glorifying his ideas even worse than this.

CobraKai27d ago

Id like them to show something. Only doing 2 TLOU remakes this far into the PS5 life is disappointing.

DivineHand12527d ago

I disagree. Whenever a developer knows he is working on something really good they will go out of their way to tell everyone. The Last of Us Part 2 was a well-made game even though the story could have been better.

I hope Naughty Dog grows from that and if they choose to kill off the main characters, they can execute it like in Game of Thrones where we are left in shock and it leads to a satisfying conclusion.

We don't know if the naughty dog of old is long gone since they were able to complete the Last of Us part 2 using fresh talent despite the challenges. Let's hope for the best

smashman9826d ago

This all sounds like cope when ur greeted with the reality that Last of us is more popular than ever and last of us 2 was yet another critical darling.

I'm sorry but outside of a very vocal minority who loves to whine really really loudly Naughty Dog is nothing like those 2.

TheKingKratos26d ago

" You don't see Kojima glorifying his ideas like this and you don't see successful developers glorifying their "great" ideas before release."


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RaidenBlack27d ago

I am slightly more curious regarding Cory Barlog's next project

S2Killinit27d ago

I just want to play ND game, I dont really care about neither sides politics.

H927d ago

ND games now are a political battlefield, it's allegory as a game, according to him even, it's so easy to say you don't care about politics and then love games that are only made by and for politics

S2Killinit27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Games are not made “for” politics. Games are an expression of someone’s speech. There is NOTHING wrong with a developer expressing itself in its own creation. Whether that expression is deemed “political” or not, it does not make a difference.

This is the very foundation of the freedom of speech.

itBourne27d ago

Where is the freedom of speech? Anyone center to right has to hide it or get kicked out of the industry. It's beyond one sided, no freedom allowed.

S2Killinit27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


My friend, you are not informed about how freedom of speech works. I suggest that you inform yourself so that you understand where your rights begin and end. (Not a knock at you)

But to set you on a correct direction, I will explain it. Your freedom of speech is a right to be free from infringement by “State action”. In other words, it does not protect you from acts/repercussions by non-government actors. Therefore, if by “center to right” you mean you would like to insult other people, know that while you are free to do so (to a constitutional degree as there are limitations), you are not free from the public repercussions of your speech. So, if your place of employment deems your conduct to be such that they do not approve your speaking on their behalf, they have every right to stop you by terminating your employment. You are free to express yourself, and no government agency can stop your speech, but you are not free from public consequences of your act/speech. People often confuse these matters and then conclude that “we dont have freedom of speech because I get fired for saying highly offensive things that are my opinions.”

Now, if someone is fired for non offensive opinion/speech, they may have a claim for unlawful termination.

I hope this clears things up.

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dmonee27d ago

Better yet, you start the game, go through what you just said, and then your PS is bricked, and your account is permanently banned!!!!!

DarXyde26d ago

Druckmann doesn't really beat you over the head with the message of the game. The only thing he said about The Last of Us Part II prior to launch was that it was commentary on the cycle of violence.

In reality, it was also commentary on the decades long Israel-Palestine conflict, which he doesn't really mention until after the fact and is a reflection of his own lived experiences. In fact, I would not be surprised if it was difference of opinion on this issue that led to him and Straley parting ways. Extremely contentious issue, moreso now than when the game launched.

However, I do find it extraordinarily fascinating that, following 6 October, Druck missed the entire message of his own work.

That aside, Naughty Dog is an incredible studio that has made incredibly memorable titles every generation since PS1... But that said, Naughty Dog (Druckmann, specifically) needs to reel it in. Neil went on about how ambitious Factions II was with years of silence otherwise, only to have it unceremoniously cancelled in a letter to the public.

Temper the hype, Neil. We'll see when it's time to see it.

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solideagle27d ago

please shut up and release a game, Naughty dog has not released a single title apart from Remaster on PS5...

garos8227d ago

neil druckman is running on the glories of amy henig and bruce straley

S2Killinit27d ago

People like to ignore reality because they dont like this guy. I really wish people could just accept that we all have different political leanings, and that is ok, we are not enemies. Especially now that people have already learned how social media algorithms prevent us from seeing eye to eye with people who have different opinions from us.

Personally, ND is my favorite developer, and I can’t wait to see what they are working on.

garos8226d ago

I didnt no, and i consider TLOU 1 in my top 5 games of all time

StormSnooper25d ago

@garos82 (or dRanzer)
Too bad for you then because TLOU2 was amazing.

mkis00727d ago

Neither have released anything by themselves. This weird Neil hate is wacko. It reads like thinly veiled antisemitism tbh.

Crows9027d ago

Is he Jewish??? I didn't even know. Frankly nobody gives a shit.