Eurogamer: Football Manager 2008 Review

Eurogamer writes: "know, I know, we say it every year, but that's only because it's true, so here goes: Sports Interactive's Football Manager series is the definitive football management experience there is. No other management series comes close to matching its sheer depth, exhaustive attention to detail and impressive levels of realism.

Right, now that we've got that out of the way, let's get down to business. Just like last year's version, FM2008 takes another brisk walk down Evolution Street without ever deviating into Revolution Road. Featuring all of the new features from the PC version - that's well over 100 additions for the number lovers amongst you - the game proves slicker and more detailed than ever before, but sadly lacks any genuinely cutting edge new features such as the excellent player interaction tools that set FM2007 apart from its predecessor. This year's version feels very much like a spit polish of an already gleaming product, with many new additions welcome if not instantly noticeable."

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