New PlayStation Store not region locked

After receiving the official announcement regarding the PlayStation Store's impending redesign, one of the first questions asked was "will we still be able to access the PlayStation Store for other regions besides our own".

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Fishy Fingers4248d ago

Sony know we do this and the obviously have no problem with it. I remember first downloading the Drakes Fortune demo off the US store and it didn't work on anything but US machines.
Now Sony could of easily turned around and told people to wait until it was released in their territory but they didn't, they updated the demo so it worked every where.

Don't think i ever said thanks for that, so thanks Sony.

gta_cb4248d ago

i agree this is good news BUT couldnt this cause problems with items such as Video/films as some countries get certain films before others? etc

darkness within4248d ago

I hope one day we wont have the need for multiple accounts.

Iamback4248d ago

yeah and this sounds like it if i am not wrong`?

Skerj4248d ago

Someone asked something along those lines and here was the answer:

"Due to regional licensing, legal logistics, language, and localization, a true “global Store” isn’t logistically possible.

However, that isn’t to say that games found in one region won’t make their way to others. Titles such as PixelJunkMonsters is a great example of a title from one region making its way to all of the others.
Hope this answered your question!"

So yeah for the foreseeable future, multiple accounts are needed. But hell at least it's allowed!!

Ghoul4248d ago

nope the news actually said you still need multiple accounts but you wont be locked out via your systems (pal/ntsc/jap)

Blackcanary4248d ago

The way things are looking sony will proberly make sure later on that the content from each store is the same and if you wanna buy something from the Japanese/Hong Kong/USA/Europe you will be able to with out a problem all u need is a money converter me thinks lol.

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Mercutio4248d ago

now I know i'm safe on my japanese Metal Gear Online Beta

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The story is too old to be commented.