PlayStation 3 Unwrapped.

IGN peels the packaging of PS3 layer by layer. Check out this image gallery to see PlayStation 3 laid bare!

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Funky Town_TX4468d ago

Does the controller have a slot for the headset? Does the console come with a headset? I would hate to have to buy a wireless bluetooth headset to game with, those are expensive. I heard the PS2 wired headset will work, but you have to plug it in the console. This means I will have a wireless controller and wired headset connected to my console. Boy I wish Sony would say something about this.

Bill Nye4468d ago

Wouldn't it make sense for them to release a Bluetooth headset?

icdedppl4468d ago

do i spy an hdmi cable in there?

omansteveo4468d ago

No Component cables thats crap hi-def and next gen starts with them but no component cables thats come to Sony's defense all you want but thats a load of sh*t

BLow4468d ago

Most people say that no one has HDTV's. Plus, if you had component cables for your PS2 then you can use those. Do you have an HDTV? PLus those cables are cheap to buy anyways at EB or Gamestop. Always someone complaining....

Joe Schmoe4468d ago

Ok I am all for anything showing the playstation 3 in all its glory but this is getting ridiculous. I want video's of people playing, turning it on, putting the disc in, watching a movie, playing with the damn thing!!!!! A little frustrated I want my PS3 now. Im sorry people I shouldn't be loseing it I get mine in 23 days other people have to wait way longer so disregard my ranting and raveing

EasilyTheBest4468d ago

Thats not a PS3 thats a Blu-ray movie player.

Bill Gates4468d ago

Your name says it all about the PS3. Sony loves you and thanks you :)

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The story is too old to be commented.