1UP Previews: Arcana Heart

1UP writes: "At a glance, it's easy to classify Arcana Heart as another cutesy fighting game. Its roster features an all female cast, some in tight school uniforms, others in swimsuits and short skirts, all drawn in a style that anime is famous for -- big eyes and pupils, small button noses and large mouths with no gums, flowing hair highlighted with contrasting color. But their cuteness is beguiling. Beyond Arcana Heart's saccharine appearance is a fighter that's as ruthless and cutthroat as a Street Fighter, a Darkstalker, a Virtua Fighter.

What separates Arcana Heart from other fighting games? Is it the size of the roster? Not quite. With 11 playable character at the start, Arcana Heart looks tiny compared to the gang in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (52 characters) or Tekken 6 (40 characters). Could it be the girls, then? The all female characters may arouse your interest, but judging the game solely on its aesthetics won't reveal a damn thing. What makes Arcana Heart different is the tremendous flexibility and customization in the characters."

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