PALGN: Naruto: Ninja Destiny Review

PALGN writes: "There have been a mixed bag of Naruto titles over the last few years. While they have ranged from good to downright poor, one particular series that has always stood out was Naruto: Clash of Ninja, which is considered by most fans to be the best of the Naruto fighters. Naruto: Ninja Destiny attempts to take the Clash of Ninja formula and put it into a handheld game, but the end result is basic fighter with minimal replay value.

Ninja Destiny's story takes place during the final stages of the Chunin Exams, and has players take part in all the battles that occur in the TV series right up until the point where Tsunade accepts the title of Fifth Hokage. The game tells the story painfully through slabs of text, which not only contain occasional grammar errors, but also do a rough job of describing the actions and motives of characters. For example, Naruto seeks revenge against Neji for the way he taunted and ultimately defeated Hinata during the preliminary exams, but the game more or less skips this point and has the pair bait each other before their fight. It just doesn't capture the strong points of the show, and will leave fans with a bitter taste in their mouth."

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