Will Xbox One rule out PS4 before Next Generation consoles come out?

Microsoft changed its policy to show that they do listen to criticism. But is that enough for Microsoft to retain the championship or will the already popular PS4 retake the title that once belonged to the PS2?

Microsoft has earned prestigious position this generation and has recently shown that they're are willing to defend their title for the next-generation. E3 may be over but the war is far from finished.

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xHeavYx2120d ago

"Whether you choose to accept it or not Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was the dominate console this generation"
What!? How..!? I don't even....
The 360 was more "popular" because it was cheaper, came out earlier and was easier to develop for. The field is more even now, but the Xbox pissed off the hardcore, forces Kinect on everyone and it's $100 more expensive.
This guy even compares the free games you get with Gold to the games you get with PS+. Then he goes to talk about how great achievements are, beacuse everyone knows that's a defining feature.
"We’re getting a powerful gaming console that incorporates Skype, Netflix, Internet Explorer, Snap, and Kinect 2.0" Yeah, but you know what, there is an even more powerful console coming that focuses on GAMING, not TV, TV, Sports, TV.
"Xbox controller is the best EVA!" That's what you say when you go full retard. No controller is the best, it comes down to personal preference

komp2120d ago

Even the raccoon wants in on this thread:

YNWA962119d ago

Komp, you going to use that on every article? Looking for attention?

Dagobert2119d ago

Oh shit! I want a racoon, they're awesome.

AD7052119d ago

what's funny is that other than the tv and skype thing the ps4 will do everything else.

TI_212119d ago

Actually there is still a possibility that the PS4 will in fact offer IPTV.
I wouldn't rule it out per se.

airgangstarr2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

not really is playstation now that theyre chraging u for psn are they gonna make it as good as xbox live ? i doubt it so now ur basically payin for ur free games a month is about all ps+ is good for oh an u can geta the beta for the newest game early yipppeeeee... ur forgettin that xbox has twitch tv ps4 has uplay cmon we all know that gamers use twitch tv .. to me xbox live is what seperates the 2 an u act like oh we jus have skype dude u can be on skype while ur playin titan fall i dont think sony has snap either i can continue but who cares

nnodley2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )


You have to be a hardcore MS fanboy if you believe Sony will charge for online and not make it as good if not better than xbox live. Get over yourself and keep your dumb opinions that are based off nothing to yourself. And lol at Sony having uplay. Newsflash it's ustream. Oh and we can upload our videos to Youtube and others as well. At least know facts before you spout BS.

Oh wow you can do video chat while playing Titanfall(looks like COD 2.0, IMO). Pretty sure PS4 will be able to too. You act like MS can do things no one else can.

Oh and at least PS4 isn't taking away 3GB of RAM and 2 CPU cores from developers for 3 OS's. Sony put in dedicated hardware to do most of that stuff to not take away any resources for developers. MS already showed me they are incompetent when it comes to hardware and what consumers want. They should stick with software and stop embarrassing themselves

Ezz20132119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

that's the most funny DC from a Gaming Media
i have ever seen

pretty much every single thing in this article either his opinion or flat out wrong

why is it soo hard to them to admit ps4 is "The Only Right Choice" ;)

Elit3Nick2119d ago

I didn't realize your opinion is more important than everyone else's...

Ezz20132119d ago


fair enough, tell me why ps4 is not the right choice ?!

in full detail plz

n4rc2119d ago

How bout listening to what people say.. Fanboys only way to argue is to ignore whatever proves their bitching wrong..

I own both.. The 360 was/is waaaaay better in my experience..

Xbl is far beyond psn.. Nobody really argues that except the worst fanboys

But its getting better while psn is pretty much the same.. At least what I've seen

Exclusives are a matter of opinion.. I agree Xbox doesn't have a great record there but I didn't care for killzone, uncharted etc.. Very overrated in my eyes

And all my friends are on Xbox and like me, most own both and we all prefer gaming on the 360..

Why switch? I liked the original Xbox one and thought the outrage was hilarious since I saw nothing that would affect me negatively

So there... I'm no fanboy, I'm a gamer.. If ps4 ends up doing something better I'll end up getting it too.. But Xbox day one

Kryptix2119d ago

lol The PS4 has been doing something better since the start of it's reveal. For example, letting gamers play their games with no restrictions which prompted Microsoft to start changing policies due to poor reception. How is Xbox Live any better than the Playstation Network? Tell me please, you can say party chat then I can say free online access. You can say those new free games they're giving out, I can say Playstation Plus which gives you even more for $50 a year. How is XBL getting better? It's copying what's making Playstation Plus popular. Don't worry, I'll keep your delusional fanboy secret with me. lol

Ausbo2119d ago


Don't even start about the whole copying thing.
Cause where did trophies come from? xbox
What system did online first? Cause im pretty sure sega did, but Microsoft really pioneered online gaming.

quit acting like sony invented the internet, games, and women.

Caffo012119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )


ps2 had online play before the xbox even came out..

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GribbleGrunger2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Whenever you see the word 'dominate', always add the words 'in America'. It makes reading these article a little less stressful lol.

HammadTheBeast2119d ago

Noobfeed living up to its name.

fermcr2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

I think PS4 is going to dominate this generation, and by a long shot. All the crap that Microsoft is taking and a $100 cheaper console is going to make a hell of a difference... and the worst part is that if Microsoft doesn't change their policy regarding Kinect they won't catch Sony in sales any time soon. At the end of 2014 the X1 will probably reach the 400$ mark, but by then the PS4 will reach the 300-350$ mark. Microsoft have to play catch up, and Sony has just to adjust their console price accordingly.

I think sooner or later Microsoft will have to release a X1 without Kinect at the same price (or even less) then the PS4 to compete with Sony...

Well, this is my prediction... i might be wrong !

NatureOfLogic2119d ago

Xbox 360 didn't dominate in games or sales, so how exactly did Xbox 360 become dominate? The Xbox fanboys really give me a good laugh.

Ezz20132119d ago

they lost in sales and games indeed
i'm still waiting for a an xbox exclusive that can come close to the level of TLOU/Demon Souls.....let alone beat them

n4rc2119d ago

Holy crap.. I'm so fkn sick of that..

Ps3 is in 3rd worldwide.. 75m vs 75.9m for the 360..

Get your info from someone other than biased fan sites

n4rc2119d ago

Uhh.. Yeah.. Hate to burst your fanboy bubble but ps3 is in 3rd in worldwide sales.. Avoid biased fan sites if its the facts your looking for lol

Ezz20132119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )


ps3 passed xbox long time ago

gravv2119d ago


hey tard, this is from the link you posted

'The Xbox 360 and PS3, on the other hand, are both hovering around three-quarters of that amount (75.9 million for the 360 as of March and 75 million even for the PS3 as of December)'

3rd60 is official keep living in your fantasy world.

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pixelsword2119d ago

@ GribbleGrunger;

"Less laughable" seems more fitting.

At any rate, I don't even see the 360 dominating in America this coming gen to be honest. No Halo day 1 pretty much killed it for me; and even if it was, the spying potential is immense, I won't have that thing in my house, and I doubt most people who value freedom and privacy will either.

Bobby Kotex2119d ago

I wouldn't exactly take seriously an article written by 'Grayshadow'. Usually authors use their real names.

PSjesus2119d ago

PS3 in sale is the 2nd place after Wii (maybe 1st after a price cut in the future)
Also Sony's true success was making Blueray disc a dominant form for next gen media also Xbone well use it

ALLWRONG2119d ago

Jeez the whining has gotten much worse since E3.

Lwhit62119d ago

I agree on everything you said there except the controller part... Ps4 has a freaking track pad and move capability INSIDE it... Seems pretty obvious on what ones the better controller.

AznGaara2118d ago

Don't forget one of those controllers still require AA batteries...

karl2119d ago

u know.. this article made me want a ps4 even more

everytime i see someone trying to defend the xone it just keeps sinking it deeper and deeper into misery..

denawayne2119d ago

It's funny you say that. I've been a day one supporter of the Xbox One and I've never justified my opinion by going to a PS4 article and commenting on that fact.

extermin8or2118d ago

@denawayne: Technically you just did in a way- lso this isn't just an X1 article PS4 is specifically mentioned in the title too.

karl2118d ago

U really need to take my comment so seriously?

Iwas Just kidding with my first comment but it does feel like hes trying to hard to find something good about the console and that makes it look bad.. now the truly funny thing
Is that lately MS is saying things kinda like the ones in this article.

TheFanboySlayer2119d ago

The xbox is only popular in america...everywhere else, the ps3 one...2/3 of all 360s sold were in the USA and people think in america all of a sudden that they raped the only sold i think 1 million boxes in japan....and seriously the ps3 has finally outsold 360. people need to get their facts straight before writing articles.

Karpetburnz2119d ago

Lol, how could the 360 be the dominant console when the PS3 has already outsold it? And it released a whole year later.

ajax172119d ago

I guess you can't expect much from a site called "noobfeed", lol.

smashcrashbash2119d ago

Yeah the 'Xbox 360 was the dominate console this gen' thing kind of confused me.When did Microsoft dominate again.Did I miss that somewhere along the way? No one can deny that Microsoft and their console did well for themselves this gen but DOMINATED?' Sorry no.That didn't happen no matter how you spin it.And i will say it again.Are these the same people who mocked the PS3 for it's extra features and Bluray' saying quote 'the Xbox 360 is a GAMES CONSOLE' who are now boasting about Skype,Netflix,internet browsers and TV options?

avengers19782119d ago

See this is another case of last place equalling most popular... These people need to get over the fact that North America does not equal entire world

ajax172118d ago

Yeah, I hate living in a country where the 360 is more popular than the PS3. At least it'll most likely change this generation

greenlantern28142119d ago

Defending their bronze metal.
Prediction Xbox1 3rd in sales just like the Xbox and 360.
Ps3 currently out selling 360 in total sales and still gaining momentum, and every indication so far had ps4 beating out Xbox1 in pre orders. Now I know that means little to some of you but it is really the only thing that can be measured in regards to how well 2 as of yet to be released systems are doing.
Because " I asked all my buddies and they say they are getting system A" or " I was at my local game store and they said system A is sold out but I can still get system B" are not good arguments since they are most likely lies.

lilbrat232118d ago

It dominated only here in the United States not worlwide. With all the replacement xbox's people replaced and all the hacking yeah it dominated here in the U.S.

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aaron58292120d ago

Lol... what? Ok... whatever makes the author sleeps at night

Ezz20132119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

they can't sleep
they put to much faith in MS
so the Damage Control got to be too much

Karpetburnz2119d ago

Sounds like the Author is mad that everyone prefers the PS4.

Magnus2120d ago

Personally it comes down to personal preference between PS4 and XboxOne. Both Microsoft and Sony have a service they want to offer both are close to the same but they also offer different services to customers as well. And it also comes down to the games and what kind of titles a person likes to play like Halo or KillZone. Honestly I think Microsoft should have announced a second SKU for the XboxOne a console without Kinnect. I don't like jumping up and down and waving my hands around especially if I finished a long day at work. I never did it with my PS3 and when I bought a 360 with the Kinnect I sold the Kinnect.

VforVideogames2119d ago

You don't have to jump up and down and wave youre hands around, not all the games will use the Kinect, I think its mostly for like tv shows and Skype and recording youre own games and movies and sports and telling youre xbox what to do. Its going to be and awesome piece of hardware, I think its dedicated to the sports lovers like me with NFL NBA SOCCER UFC movies, Skype, theres something for everyone and don't forget games and this time we have them. PS4 OR X-ONE? X-1 for me, yep im going to the DARK SIDE.

thehitman2119d ago

The thing is Kinect seems like a gimmick if thats the only reason to have it then. Any headset could do the same thing if the console is programmed to respond to your voice. Hell if ps2 had a game Socom which could respond to your voice by command it doesnt really make what MS is doing anything special. It seems like they are just really forcing Kinect down everyone's throat and any camera can double as a video camera + mic for much cheaper than what Kinect cost.

lilzay333112119d ago

you know the system has a DVR so the camera has nothing to do with recording your gameplay

VforVideogames2119d ago

the Kinect seems like a gimmick but once you get the cheaper eyetoy on youre ps4 (you know the one sony decide to not include on every single ps4 just to keep the price down) then you will realize that msoft did the right thing. by the way whats the difference between ps3 and ps4? nothing just that now you have to pay to play on line.

Caffo012119d ago


yep you're going to the DUMB SIDE...

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Software_Lover2119d ago

I didn't know you were forced to jump up and down.

ASBO-52119d ago

Pull your head out, you know what he meant.

6DEAD6END62119d ago

OK but I'll be getting a PS4 on launch thank you very much, you can keep your Xbox one and enjoy that if you like.