Next-Gen.Biz: Top 5 April Fool's Gags of 2008

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "This year's April Fool's day was punctuated by a few efforts that stood well above other pranks from would-be jesters. Here are the best of the best...

Ah, April Fool's day. It plays host to some of the most brilliant gaming-related pranks of all time (Sheng Long, anyone?) and some of the lamest (such as today's lame Wii 2 "announcement" that popped up high on Google News).

This year, game makers, gamers and game-related groups went all out. So let's get on with it. Here are the top five April Fool's gags that we ran into in 2008..."

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Jon86023854d ago

I laughed soo hard when the codec goes off and they randomly cut to Kojima and he says "did you like it"...a priceless moment that Kojima and Ubisoft's created.

shine13963854d ago

is it real...? april fooled?

Cyrus3653854d ago

Good job for both parties to come together and do a great april fools gag.