PSX Extreme: MLB 08: The Show PSP Review

PSX Extreme writes: "Let's say your traveling, do you ever have the urge to play a videogame on your handheld, but can't because it either doesn't exist or is radically different than the console version? Back in the days, handheld versions of console games were nothing like their TV counterparts. Well, that was then and this is now. One of the things we love about Sony is how they treat their MLB franchise equally across all three of their consoles. If you have either the PS2 or PS3 versions of MLB 08 and aren't sure if the PSP game is worth your money, then fear not, because it is. If you recall, last year, MLB 07 was quite the solid game of baseball for the PSP, and with all of the changes and enhancements made to this year's game, your money is well spent. Best of all, the PSP versions boasts more features than the PS2 game, which is impressive.

You see, 2K Sports' MLB 2K8 isn't a very good baseball game, especially for the PSP. So for 08, Sony could've just added a few treats here and there, puffed up the visuals, updated the rosters, and called it a day. But they didn't. Playing MLB 08: The Show makes one thing rather apparent: Sony is focused on beating down the competition to the point that it becomes written in stone, no matter what PlayStation console it may be. Sony's MLB franchise is without question the best baseball sim money can buy. When you have a handheld game that is every bit as feature rich as it's PlayStation 3 counterpart, you're doing things right."

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