Warhawk v1.3 Patch -- Details and Server Info

Servers will be down for roll-out of the Warhawk v1.3 client-side patch and a concurrent server-side update. Servers will be unavailable Wednesday, April 2nd between 3am and 9am Pacific (6am-12pm Eastern, 1000-1600 GMT). After this window the client patch will be available for download when you boot Warhawk.

Client-side updates for v1.3 patch:
- Bio-Field Emitter that creates a zone of healing for allies and a zone of damage for enemies.
- Mechanic's Field Wrench that can be used to repair allied vehicles and turrets as well as damage enemy vehicles and turrets.

Additional updates:
- Integration of new insignias and paint schemes
- Targeting enhanced for .50 caliber turret
- Point value update for CTF defend and flag-carrier kill
- Sudden death trigger fixed for CTF matches
- Disabled CTF flag throw/drop functionality
- HOME integration and game-launching
- New VOIP functionality

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gamesR4fun4484d ago

Good news nice to see devs taking their clients seriously. I mean they already fixed several issues in the first one including glitches that could be exploited. Their doing the same with this and throwing a couple freebies in the mix. Good stuff but unless i see way less laggers on their servers Im not paying for the next expansion. Besides they wont be letting us play apc's and dropships together... I always own the dropship in zones lol.

Still cant complain about 1.3 its free and another step in the right direction. Just wish the players that feel a need to keep exploiting the games to win would lay off... Imagine if they had all the time they have to spend figuring out how to stop looser x from glitching developing more great games...

sonarus4483d ago

home integration hmmm... Wouldn't it be something if sony shocked us with that home beta when the new store hits

Kinda sad you can't drop the flag anymore:( i used to do that just so i don't get killed with it and give base defenders unnecessary points

btkadams4483d ago

home integration... home must be coming up pretty quick, i doubt they'd release a patch that included it so just the closed beta testers get to take advantage.

MikeGdaGod4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

i'm in the Home beta and Warhawk (and any other game on the HDD or in the drive) can already be launched within it. it's been like that since the last update in Home.

i wonder what this could be.

Goldsack4483d ago (Edited 4483d ago )

that means the 1.3 patch comes today??
i thougt 17th..and whats with the new snow map??

micro_invader4483d ago

'Servers will be unavailable Wednesday, April 2nd between 3am and 9am Pacific (6am-12pm Eastern, 1000-1600 GMT). After this window the client patch will be available for download when you boot Warhawk.'

hmm... Yeah it looks like it. Sure hope it is.

Snarko4483d ago

Today, the 1.3 patch.
The 17th, broken mirror booster pack featuring the APC and snowmap.

Skater_Ricky4483d ago

I Really Think were all in for some Surprises.. But I do think were not getting in-Game XMB just yet.. but who knows.. I have a good idea on what might be in the 2.30 update

--- Instant Messaging --- Anyone!! come on now wouldn't this make all of our messages so much easier and faster of responding to all of our friends.. heck yes it would!

And for most --- Updated Browser --- Could We get some Java Please!
Aren't We all tired of CLICKING ON (Do you want to run the Plugin?)
Of Coarse we Do... LOL why would I be visiting the Site haha! jk

Its cool tho SONY works hard to give is all we can for FREE!

I give them GOOD Credit for That!

Let me get a cup of Tea with that! HAHA!

HOME would So TOP off all of our Lists if we has a taste of some Good old HOME!

Read in some other post about GTA4 having Full home support so its more then close that it could be so true! :D

killer_trap4483d ago

every time i get the (do you want to tun plug in) i just want to run, grab a hammer and do a fatality to my ps3. more flash support would be nice.....hey this is the warhawk patch, not the 2.30 update.

sorry wrong wish list.

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The story is too old to be commented.