Import Preview: Super Dodgeball Brawlers (IGN)

Via IGN: "Nostalgia is going to be a bit of a factor here for gamers looking to get the DS Super Dodgeball, as the gameplay is unfortunately slow (at least, it is with the level of characters we're starting out with in the import version) and the graphics skew old-school. We're also a little bummed that the super-technical abilities of the NeoGeo game didn't carry over (we haven't found a way to do a counter in this edition, for instance.) That being said, the value of the cartridge is way, way up there -- DS Download Play makes for an extremely valuable cartridge to have in your backpack just in case you meet up with other DS players, and the addition of fighting and the return of Bean Ball mode makes Super Dodgeball Brawlers an exciting variation on the classic game. There are a bunch of details about the game that we haven't been able to go deep on with just the import copy -- we're eager to see just how much the Store will offer as you get deeper into the Tournament -- so look for IGN's hands-on impressions of the American game version in the next few weeks."

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PS360WII3850d ago

heh dodgeball brawlers. Oh yeah.