More Moves at Microsoft ; 3 Top Executives Step Down

The revolving door in Redmond is spinning again.

This time, two top executives have left the company and a third will do so in a few months. They are:

* G. Michael Sievert, formerly corporate VP for Windows Product Marketing
* Steven Berkowitz, senior VP in the Online Services group
* Pieter Knook, formerly senior VP in the Mobile Communications Business

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Massacre4486d ago

hmm, wonder why the Vista guy stepped down ? Anyway hope everything is good.

Shaka2K64486d ago

Looks like 2008 is gonna be microsoft's worst year yet.

Sony on the other hand is having one hell of a year.

go Sony!

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Richdad4486d ago

Jumping of the sinking ship but yeah the top mangers always wish themselves to become MS by making there own bussines. Also MS employing method is top hard they want the person to be good in all field then only they appoint him. So jump off is rather eventual, look at Dr. Gabe Neweel he ahd been in MS for 11 yrs. But then he climbed top from Valve.

Anyways most 360 users wnat MS to capture new studio but they only look for good studios like Turn 10, Rare or Bungie then they buy it. But they should now change plan and take small aqusition Sony has aquired a lot of small studios.

Adriokor4486d ago

Bungie is a a joke, they were nothing before halo and they have nothing without it, haha looking for "good" studios LOL

The gaming GOD4486d ago

But he does make a good point.

How many people REALLY even heard of marathon let alone actually played it? BTW, Marathon is the game bungie made BEFORE halo.

And whatever games they make after halo is going to have "from the makers of halo" labeled to it just to try to give it a boost.

So in a way, they just MIGHT be nothing without Halo as Adriokor said

SKUD4486d ago

Business is business.

Pain4486d ago

Cash in and Run for the hill's end is Coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.