Bionic Commando Rearmed: New Tunes

Capcom Producer Ben Judd writes:

"Holy shi *fiddlesticks!*!!!

Our man in Sweden, Simon Viklund, the director of Rearmed has just sent me a couple of new pieces of in-game music for Rearmed. The map music and the level 12 music.

I probably shouldn't spend time on posts about something as minor as a couple of in-game songs but HAWT DAMN, these songs are fantastic. You can totally hear the retro vibe in them yet they have just enough new backbeats that the old tunes don't grate on your ears."

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yowoe4247d ago

can't wait for this game even more than the next-gen Bionic Commando.

molsen814247d ago

Any word on the release date? Surely they're not trying to release both Bionic Commandos at the same time.