Top 10 Most Crushing Achievements

OXM writes: "The achievements that show you're not just good at games but you have a lot of spare time and you're slightly mental.

Some people complete Call Of Duty 4 on Veteran. Others get all the achievements on Halo 3. Then there are some who venture where no others dare to tread and unnerving love for games that we're too scared to put near our 360, in fear it vomits the red rings of death back at us out of spite. So we presumed the achievements themselves are off-limits.

So witness the Top 10 Achievements Of Woe, those that merge stupidly hard achievements with stupidly annoying games. If ever there were achievements to sort the wheat from the chaff, then these are those achievements. No cheating, glitch, guide-assisting or boosting with these horrors. If you have any of these achievements, we both respect and fear you. But mostly? We fear you. We fear you a lot."

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Captain Tuttle5424d ago

I'm just happy to approve a story that I know isn't a stupid April Fool's joke.

Klopek5424d ago

I'd rate the enlightened guitarist achievement as much more difficult than The Inhuman Achievement. Understandably it took ages for me to earn Enlightened but with Inhuman all you really need to do is fluke/learn the intro. The rest of the song isn't anywhere near as hard, especially since you'll have earned starpower by that point.

K33GAN5424d ago

a million blocks destroyed is just stupid
who would put the time in