Sony's Socom to take on CoD4

Sony's Socom: Confrontation for PS3 will be aiming to take the PS3 online shooter crown from Activision's massively successful Call of Duty 4 when it arrives later this year.

The online-focused shooter will let up to 32 players fight in seven maps in battles of strategy and teamwork via PSN. Soldiers will be customisable, with weapons set by the player for the job at hand.

The game will promote clans, with a recruitment feature that allows you to group up with "free agents" or friends, with one player serving as the Squad Leader.

"Featuring some of the most highly trained Special Forces regiments in the world, SOCOM: Confrontation is, like all true military scenarios, all about strategy and teamwork," explains Sony.

"Reward your troops not only when they are brave and fearless but when they use intelligence and work as a team. Trawl the world for the best soldiers to strengthen your team as you lead your men against other highly skilled outfits."

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sonarus3851d ago

Here come the usual talks of a COD4 killer. Personally i think COD would have fallen from grace before SOCOM hits. Gamers can't possible be looking to play it for that long

legendkilla3851d ago

Socom has some sort of ranking up system... it will make it much more enjoyable :)

butterfinger3851d ago

with GTAIV online and MGS4 online and Haze online... by the time SOCOM rolls out, I'm guessing COD4 won't be as popular online. Then again, it has made it this long:P

fenderputty3851d ago

and TPS usually fall second to FPS for me. Meaning ... I'll play some MGS4 online but, will probably still be playing COD4 until RFOM and KZ2 comes out.

butterfinger3851d ago

(except maybe GTAIV), I just think that the combination of so many online shooters coming up will split up COD4's users and take away from their overall numbers. What shooter has come out on the PS3 since COD4 was released that was even decent to combat COD4's online? It only takes one or two decent online titles to take away from COD4. However, that being said, I am looking forward to playing COD4 when I get off work today lol. PSN: filthyvillain

alan0013851d ago

@ 1.2 yea haze dhould be good

BeaArthur3851d ago

butterfinger...I agree, it will take mutltiple games of the course of a few months to break down what CoD 4 has built. Rainbow Six has taken a few, GTA will take a bunch, and Haze (assuming it's good) will take some depending on how good it is. By the time Socom roles around CoD won't be what it is now.

shine13963851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

who went and said cod4 was top?
I mean I suppose it is..but where and when was that date released?

butterfinger3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Damn, I forgot R6V2, lol. Good call.

@ 1.7 - there is an article about the monster that is COD4 online.

TheExecutive3851d ago

i am willing to bet that there will be plenty of servers open until IW makes COD6.

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Rick Astley3851d ago

SOCOM 4 will do it (being developed by Zipper)

I have my doubts about Confrontation.

sonarus3851d ago

yea definitely but socom 4 is 2009 probably. So we manage what we got. I look forward to trying out the beta.

Breakfast3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago ) i the only one who likes the choice that they're making, in only going multiplayer. And this right here is going to make the real SOCOM a heck of a lot better.

SRuN43851d ago

Any SOCOM 1 or SOCOM 2 fan views Confrontation in a much better light than SOCOM 4. To us Slant Six knows what the community wants, Zipper is a huge failure in our eyes.

Frrrrrrunkis3851d ago

Agreed.. I would probably have more faith in Confrontation and Slant Six. Everything Zipper puts out is packed full of glitches. Who could ever forget the ladder glitchs, and prone sliding of Socom 1? Or the horrible wall glitches in Socom 2.. Or the mess that was Socom 3.. (They destroyed many great clans with that game).

Don't get me wrong..Socom's always been a great series. Zipper's just always found a way to f*ck it up.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3851d ago

I love this game...and up coming battlefield....

alan0013851d ago

this is gonna be like warhawk, in a way that its going to be a big ps online game

Lord Anubis3851d ago

the Socom series has a huge following, i'm certain it will take over COD4 on PS3.

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