PALGN: Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Review

PALGN writes: "Quite frankly, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is easily one of the best looking games we've ever seen. The game feels like a step up from other PlayStation 3 titles such as Uncharted, MotorStorm and Rachet and Clank and the title just stands in a league of its own. Little details like the sun glare after exiting a tunnel or the sheer amount of detail in the cars will have even casual spectators taking a second look at the game. The replays only add to the immersiveness and impressiveness of the visuals. The game is also helped out by an intuitive menu system and a small amount of loading and the in car view is simply fantastic.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is easily the most in-depth Prologue or Concept Gran Turismo title yet. With an extensive event mode, a pick up and play arcade option, as well as online and offline multiplayer anyone who picks up Prologue is sure to be left very satisfied with their cheap purchase. The franchise hasn't changed that much and the lack of damage is still disappointing, but Gran Turismo 5 Prologue features enough content that should sway even the most casual Gran Turismo fan."

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Capt CHAOS4487d ago

A statement that raves about the game and then just a mediocre score?

Antan4487d ago

To be fair its probably a reviewers nightmare to review something like this, knowing its a (albeit large) taster for the full game. I don`t think you can give 9`s for example as this doesnt really leave you with much ....leeway? when reviewing the full game. With the list of improvements to contain things such as weather, damage, more cars, tracks, better online options etc etc, anything above mid 8`s to 9`s i think is a bit unrealistic. For me i would score an 8, purely based on what i know is coming, so a 7.5 i think is a wee bit harsh, that said anything around the 8 region can be seen as a really positive score. At the end of the day (as with all games) it doesnt matter what scores are given, if like the game enough then thats all that counts.

butterfinger4487d ago

you would see that they did not take the average from the scores they gave to different aspects of the game. They also didn't really give a good reason for why they gave it a 7.5 overall except that it is a prologue like Antan said. The average from their breakdown, however, was a respectable 8.25. I think everyone will be more interested in the final product's scores, however. I for one, will not be paying $40 for a demo.

Cyrus3654487d ago (Edited 4487d ago )

agreed with 1.1

Killjoy30004487d ago

lol WOW this critic sucks ass. but hey its the first...

harrisonxxi4487d ago

You know this title is giving me a quite huge list of idiotic reviewers (and review sites) that prove they have no objectivity and DO NOT review titles on their own merits.

Not to mention their review numbers make no sense. Now if can just get metacritic to ignore all the dumb review sites, maybe we can get scores that make sense.

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Cyrus3654487d ago

This is one of the lowest scores I've seen for the game, I can understand giving the score to this if it was priced as full game, and should thus in turn reviewed as full game. But it's priced lower the fan full game, although still pricey (But alot of review sites, say you can do a lot of stuff in the game), yet it still scores low on the basis it's not fully featured. Not that graphics aren't good, or the gameplay mechanics are broken.