PALGN: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Review

PALGN writes: "Just like racing games, World War II shooters are more prevalent than original IP's in the gaming industry. There are already some sensational World War II shooters, but with so many released every year, the genre has become a bit tired. Other developers have tried to spice things up by changing the setting, time period and adding in a heck of a lot of innovations, but unfortunately some developers are quite happy just to change the setting and call it a day. Sadly, Turning Point falls into the latter category.

Fall of Liberty poses an alternative history - in 1931, Winston Churchill was hit by a taxi while crossing Fifth Avenue. He went on to lead England as Prime Minister and basically helped to keep England from being invaded during the war. Well, Turning Point kills off Winston Churchill. Due to his death, England ends up being invaded by the Nazis and eventually falls to the Germans. After Hitler has taken over all of Europe, the Germans head to America. Turning Point picks up on November 10th, 1953, where a blue collar New York City construction worker (Dan Carson, the protagonist for the game) is working the weekend away until things go wrong, both for Dan and the game. First up, many people (including ourselves) were rather excited about Fall of Liberty's alternative view of history. Unfortunately, aside from presenting a change of locations, the storyline is quickly relegated to last priority after about ten minutes, which is a real shame. In fact, the premise for Fall of Liberty is arguably the most appealing thing about the title, so to abandon the story so quickly is borderline criminal."

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