Angel Love Online Delayed

The PS3 has a built in hard drive as standard, making it the perfect choice for the billions of Asian MMORPGs that flood the PC every year. And if things had gone according to plan, it would already have one by now.

But things didn't go according to plan, and Angel Love Online, originally scheduled for Japanese release this past Winter, didn't make it out on time. Q Entertainment, publisher of the Japanese version of the Taiwanese MMORPG, finally got around to announcing a delay today, to some time this Summer.

As part of the delay announcement today, Q also mentioned that PC and PS3 gamers will be located on the same server, and will thus be able to play together.

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sonarus4246d ago

Hey as long as its free bring it:D

wow4u4246d ago

What does the HD have to do with it?

Jamegohanssj54246d ago

What in the hell is this? It's a exclusive, so I'll keep my mouth shut and my eyes open for now.

hunter214246d ago

lol i dont even know this game...never heard of it

[email protected]4246d ago

Hmmm... I like free stuff ^__^

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