IGN: 9 Page GTA IV Feature + 5 New Screenshots

Why is this the first true sequel to GTA III? How do you make a multiplayer component that still feels as free and open as the single-player of GTA? And what's Rockstar's take on downloadable content? IGN spoke with VP of Creative, Dan Houser and Rockstar North Art Director Aaron Garbut to get the answers.

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TrevorPhillips3851d ago

all i can say is that im excited about this game and its gonna be perfect what do u think guys :)

pharmd3851d ago

yeah, i know im gonna be wastin many days away with this beauty.... so stoked for the online play too!

Bathyj3851d ago

Man, it seems like I've been buying a new game every week.

Hey, I have.

ICUP3851d ago

28 days and counting....

TrevorPhillips3851d ago

the reason theres no co-op campaign is that it will be to much and take away alot of graphics. its there read it

xaphanze3851d ago

good thing you can read.

Fishy Fingers3851d ago

I've always dreamt of GTA online, even if it was in a very basic form. But how will i ever complete a single mission with 15 game modes at my disposal?

Blademask3851d ago

Im going to buy it just to defeat the hookers.

If they didn't add hookers to GTAIV I will honestly be sad. Unless there is a hooker replacement, like with a bum or something.

TrevorPhillips3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

Are you serious your just getting the game cause of the hookers man get your self a real girl lol.

ICUP3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

"lm going to buy it just to defeat the hookers"

LOLROFL!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh my ribcage!!!! thank for the laugh.

Bubble 4 you.

ps-anyone finish reading Blademask post should really bubbles him up. NOW!!!!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.