Second day: Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale - toy stories

It’s all about the toys this second day of the Xbox Live Ultimate Game Sale. Gamers will enjoy 50-80% off on select LEGO, Hasbro, and a few casual titles. Think twice if you you’re first reaction is to call the following games lame. They got pretty high scores on Metacritic.

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shivvy241934d ago

seriously if they had sales like this (steam like) then i seriously would not have had a problem with the DRM

FSThree1934d ago

Indeed. MSFT has the right vision that everything should go digital. From a business perspective, it eliminate the cost of disc production, shipping, etc. It also allows them to be more flexible in terms of pricing and sales.

However, their messaging and PR SUCKED. All Playstation had to do in their E3 event was say "we won't do what Xbox is doing," and they won.

You cannot stop the future. It will eventually get to all-digital. It is just a matter of time.