Games Shrine - That 'Bully' game that Rockstar made is good, isn't it?

'Bully is my favourite Rockstar game. By a country mile. Controversial opinion? Well, possibly. But Rockstar Vancouver's PS2 playground-'em-up grabbed me in a way that more celebrated and hyped titles such as GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption have failed to do, and -- I must shamefacedly admit -- it is the only Rockstar game I've ever been motivated enough to complete.

Years after its release, I'm still playing Bully -- now on the Wii's 'Scholarship Edition' after playing it originally on the PlayStation 2 -- and it's not got the biggest open-world to explore, nor is its fighting system particularly deep or nuanced. So why am I still playing it? Well, I think I just enjoy the school setting. Not in a suspicious beard-and-glasses-combo-lurkin g-outside-the-school-gates kind of way, it's just nice to be in an environment that hasn't already been done to death -- and it's a sad indictment on the games industry that titles such as Bully come along so rarely.' - Matt Suckley

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ziggurcat1932d ago

i have been meaning to play this game for a long time, now.

Gamesgbkiller1932d ago

So many memories with this game.

Is this on PSN?

Heisenburger1932d ago

Yessir. PS2 classics that is. No HD just fyi.

asiatico1932d ago

It was just fun to Play. Hope they make a Next gen game in a college setting that would rock.

MythicalBlade1932d ago

Just replayed this on 360 a few weeks ago. So good!

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The story is too old to be commented.