H-Hour Hits $200,000 Goal

TRS Writes: "SOF Studios has surpassed their $200,000 Kickstarter goal, and H-Hour: World’s Elite will release on PC and the PlayStation 4 in 2015."

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harbie1936d ago

N4g Article: G^ H-Hour Fully Funded!!! Demo in 5mos!

Majin-vegeta1936d ago

Holy sh*t.I just looked at it like 3 hours agor and it was at like $194,something.

Hopefully they add the option to boot out people without a headset.

Reverent1936d ago

This is seriously awesome. I'm gunna spend much of my time with this game on PS4.

DarkBlood1936d ago

isnt that annoying to talk to someone during the whole match?

arkard1936d ago

You obviously have never played socom 1 or 2. There wasnt open mic, one person at a time could talk. You didnt talk unless you were calling out an enemy or talking a strategic move with your teamates.

rdgneoz31936d ago

You do know every PS4 is gonna come with a standard headset, right?

harbie1936d ago

Great write up! Didn't read it at first my bad for any confusion!

KarrBOMB1936d ago

God I hope it's like Socom 1. That was by far the best of the series until cheating came along.

creatchee1936d ago

I like 2 a little better simply because Breach was my favorite game mode. However, 2 had far more latency issues and they completely screwed up the AK-74.

creatchee1936d ago

This is amazing news! Long time (and suffering) SOCOM fan here. Thus the question forms:

If indie developers end up making a better SOCOM game than multimillion dollar efforts from Zipper and Slant Six, then what the hell was the problem before???

Akuma2K1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

That's a very good question, makes you wonder what went wrong with Zipper and the socom series. But i'm glad it's making a next gen return with the original development team and new members to the staff. It's a good time for socom players who miss the game, if this game turns out to be better than advertised the COD series will have another shooter game to worry about.

I'm glad i helped fund H-Hour, can't wait to play it.

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The story is too old to be commented.