Walking Away from Video Games

Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is exploring the concept of walking away from video games.

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xHeavYx1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

I'm 27 and I've never been more excited about video games. I'm not obsessed with gaming though, I find my time to play games the same way I find time to work out, spend time with the wife and all the other activities, so even though I couldn't "walk away", I don't feel like I'm a "slave to the industry". You can still try to make the world a better place while playing games by yourself or owning n00bs on TLOU, lol.
The person who wrote this article seems to have forgotten to take his depression pills, for him it's either black or white it seems.

peanut721959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

You wouldn't be hostile and overly aggressive/defensive to exploring the concept would you?

How many gamers instantly attack anything they don't like while claiming they are tolerant of diversity?

Excellent response down there. :)

1959d ago
xHeavYx1959d ago

Was I hostile and overly aggressive? There are always fanboys who will defend their console (me included) but there are different types of fanboys too, you have the ones who can talk facts, and you have the idiotic ones who say "mine is bigger and better just because I say so". But guess what, that doesn't happen in video games only, it happens in sports, politics, at work, everywhere

1959d ago
peanut721959d ago


Two reasons - 1. Mental exercise. Something people do to explore a variety of different facets of life. It helps stretch the mind, and open up possibilities and concepts you would have previously never thought of.

2. Someone asked me this question: "What is your exit strategy?" My honest answer was uhhhhhhhhhhh. At that moment I realized I had never thought about it. Which made me wonder how many of my fellow gamers had.

As far as maturity goes, I am not judging my fellow gamers. Their responses speak for themselves. :)

rainslacker1959d ago

Why would you need an exit strategy for a hobby? It's not like you're occupying a foreign country or in a business where you may at some point have to decide to leave an area of revenue to focus on other parts of the business.

If people become bored, or just don't find enjoyment from playing games anymore, they can simply stop playing, and their lives will likely continue. That's what happened to me with World of Warcraft. Just stopped playing one day. Life went on.

Everyone is different, and everyone will handle the eventuality one day just like they do in all those other facets of life that you mention.

I feel if people need to plan for every possible scenario in their life then life would be rather boring. Especially if it's planning around something as mundane as whether to play video games or not.

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iceman061959d ago

I can respect your decision completely. I get that being entrenched in the industry can lead to a great amount of burn out. (as with any JOB) It's hard for gamers that do this for a hobby to actually believe that some day they might actually get tired of it. I personally take frequent breaks from gaming (my backlog can prove this). As for your "exit strategy", I can understand what you are talking about in terms of setting up a life after this life you have been living. Kudos and enjoy your life...wherever it may lead you.

Chapter111959d ago

This is such an absurd concept. No one ever says "I'm walking away from watching movies" or "I'm walking away from listening music". This goes back to the belief that video games are for kids and are not art. Stupid idea, bad idea, no. Just no.

peanut721959d ago

The Amish come to mind. :)

Agent_00_Revan1959d ago

Yea but the Amish never had it to begin with. Electricity neither.

xHeavYx1959d ago

I guess you my friend are like me, you can watch tv for hours and nothing, but play some video games and all of the sudden you do it all the time and it's bad for you, lol

Software_Lover1959d ago

You can listen to music while you do other things. And people do say they are walking away from television. I haven't been a television watcher in a while now. Its just boring. I have gotten rid of my cable. I do have Netflix and watch it when I'm in the mood for something.

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