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Five years after its release, how does the 2008 reboot of the Prince of Persia series hold up?

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Mr-Dude1937d ago

Still the best one i played. Why didn't they make a sequel of this instead of the crappy forgotten sands...

mahmoods261937d ago

think 3.5 is an unfair score for such a beautiful and well made game. Rather give it a 4 and the problems you meantioned about pathfinding are practically non existent since you can run on about 90% of surfaces.

Williamson1937d ago

I absolutely loved this game! Great art style, story, characters, and gameplay. After seeing the ending I just had to sit and think for 15+ mins since it was pretty powerful, although I heard the epilogue dlc kind of ruins the original ending.

pr0t0typeknuckles1937d ago

Still love this game,and till this day I still put it on the same level as the first sands if time game,for Christ sake make a sequel ubisoft you just cant leave the ending like that.

WeAreLegion1937d ago

One of my favorite games of the generation. The relationship between the prince and Elika is one of the best I've seen. Great job by both Nolan North and Kari Wahlgren had a great script to work with, but they both played their respective so well!

People always beg for a sequel, but I think that bittersweet ending is perfect. (Pre-DLC ending)

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