Rezzed 2013 Roll Call: The Future Is Bright (This Is My Joystick)

Nestled in a dark corner of the apocalypse ready mega-plex that is the Birmingham NEC, a whole bunch of sub-cultural gaming goodness was going down.

This year’s Rezzed brought together aspiring hopefuls and returning champions of the indie scene and sat them on a bench next to the potential PC landmarks of the next year. Here’s a rundown of everything we at This Is My Joystick got our hands on.

From demos and early builds to retail ready releases, it’s worth keeping an open-mind to my views as some of theses games have a long way to go. Keeping this short and sweet, let’s take a peek at the games we actually managed to get around to playing, or at least got close enough to have a good old stare at in the queues.

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