Randy Pitchford Defends Aliens: CM, Claims It Was “Intent To Entertain” And Not Exploitation

TPG - There’s no denying that Aliens: Colonial Marines was a hot mess of a flop. From setting high expectations with an E3 demo showing, to literally scrapping everything about that demo and replacing it with a substandard product, it truly was a big let down for a title that claimed it would improve the overall Aliens canon. Now we thought that eventually we would hear what really happened, but of course no apology or explanation was forthcoming from either SEGA or Gearbox.

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Saints943984d ago

That is the best pic for this thread.

Nitrowolf23984d ago

Underneath all the lies and make-up, this is the true face of Pitchford

MEsoJD3984d ago

Sorry to be vulgur, but fuck Randy Pitchford. Until Gearbox issues an official appology about the game, I will never give them another dime.

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YoungKingDoran3983d ago

Goes well with the Evil Ballmer picture currently on the front page.

GROTSTOMPA3983d ago (Edited 3983d ago )

Well this confirms it. Time for everyone to remove them from the gaming industry. Can't apologize, can't admit to being wrong, lied to the people numerous times blatantly in their face, and recently getting caught money laundering as well within their company. I'm personally fed up, I was done after the Aliens scandal.
Dear Randy Pitchford, please sell the rights to Homeworlds my favorite Space RTS of all time, before you create a fake gameplay demo and resell us the same game, or even worse just simply destroy it. Like some of the best franchises already; Duke Nukem, & Aliens CM. Please remove yourself from the gaming industry we have lost interests. Thanks
They've made incredible games way back in the day like Counter Strike for example, but you cannot confuse them with what they have become now. Industries change and sometimes unfortunately the people within the industry. Sometimes they just need a reality check, and in this case just vote with your wallet and say No to their brand.

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PopRocks3593984d ago


Randy, I like you, but... no.

Sidology3984d ago

Well, he failed on both counts.

Nitrowolf23984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

I gave them a pass on Duke Nukem the first time around, because that game has been passed down so many times to other devs I just said "Well they probably just decided to release it because it was a mess anyway and probably couldn't be fixed given the amount of time it's been developed"

and then Aliens came out, and now I just think they make bad games in general outside of the Borderlands series.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3984d ago

I love Borderlands, but damn man. They gotta code their games much better. How is it that over time from a solid 60fps in borderlands 2 it started to fluctuate from 60fps to 5fps(Yes FIVE). After one patch? Clearly they screwed over a crapload of Nividia graphics card owners.

ninjahunter3984d ago

I can understand the whole duke nukem thing, Game development isnt an exact science, you cant just throw things at a game till its good, so its expected that every now and then there will be something that falls off the rail.

Buuuuut Alien colonial marines was.... An alpha...

jmc88883983d ago

I think they got lucky with Borderlands.

Remember it had a massive delay. They decided to rework the graphics and that's when they also implemented the cell shading.

No doubt they were able to add in more quests and fix some of the bugs.

If not for the massive delay and rework would we even be talking about that franchise? Would it have ever gotten a sequel?

They had an idea, and eventually got it to work, but only because it was something they worked on and they gave the time to actually finish.

A:CM and DNF were franchises that changed hands multiple times. Gearbox got them out, but they didn't create the ideas, in some cases they outsourced it instead of doing it themselves, and didn't allow for the time to properly complete them.

Commodore_3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

What a bust lol