The New Xbox Boss Is... Steve Ballmer?

Former Xbox boss and incoming CEO of Zynga Don Mattrick will not be replaced immediately at Microsoft, according to a memo issued to Microsoft employees from company CEO Steve Ballmer.

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allformats1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Something's terribly wrong at Microsoft's Entertainment (Xbox) division. Terribly.

"most importantly, we expanded Xbox to go beyond great gaming to deliver all the entertainment people want — sports, music, movies, live television and much more."

Wow, so Ballmer is now boss and the most important thing about Xbox One to him is sports, music, movies and live television.

Wow. Speechless.

Prcko1989d ago

critical moments for xbox,and this happens...

dedicatedtogamers1989d ago

In all fairness, Ballmer is the TEMPORARY boss.

But yeah, read the following quote from Ballmer:

"I’m particularly excited about how Xbox pushes forward our devices and services transformation by bringing together the best of Microsoft. The consoles are incredible all-in-one devices with built-in services that consumers love, including Bing, Xbox Live, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive and Skype. And, just as important, Xbox Games, Xbox Video, Xbox Music and SmartGlass light up Windows PCs, tablets and phones."

Does it trouble anyone else that he mentiones game-related aspects of Xbox (Xbox Live and Xbox Games) only twice in that entire paragraph?

MikeMyers1989d ago

"Does it trouble anyone else that he mentiones game-related aspects of Xbox (Xbox Live and Xbox Games) only twice in that entire paragraph?"

Sure if that is your focus and want to keep the theatrics going on how bad the Xbox brand is. Not sure why that would concern anyone who already said repeatedly they aren't going to support the Xbox One anyways. For the rest of us it means the Xbox One will do more than just games but games will still be it's primary selling feature. Microsoft has more games in development right now than at any time in the history of the Xbox. So no, it doesn't worry me. Sorry to disappoint you.

TheHierarchy1989d ago

It is nice to hear the position is now open, now that mattrick is moving out. but all Managers take the same classes.

Even if a chick was to take Mattrick's place once any hardware goes gold all they can do is defend it. That's marketing and that's what they're being payed to do.

SilentNegotiator1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

So ultimately, Xbox has the same type of leadership ideology.


jmc88881989d ago

Ballmer isn't the temporary boss.

He's the PERMANENT boss who is currently TEMPORARILY taking on the role of someone who would be beneath him.

It's like manager of a fast food chain who helps out the line when it's busy or short staffed.

Except he's more concerned with having frosty paint of Ronald McDonald on the windows done correctly then anything the food.

In the end the guy who is hired, will still report to him.

So for all the people the new guy after ballmer will have a different focus...

Sure...and risk his new job by going against Ballmer?

The rot is at the top. Gates and Ballmer are morons.

TekoIie1989d ago


"Does it trouble anyone else that he mentiones game-related aspects of Xbox (Xbox Live and Xbox Games) only twice in that entire paragraph?"

No... Which is why you framed it as a question. Your trying to create fake controversy.

TheHierarchy1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@ jmc8888

"The rot is at the top. Gates and Ballmer are morons."

they just think differently. Ultimately when any hardware ships all managers are supposed to defend and market. so even if all of the managers from all of the consoles were to trade places their goals would not be any different.

Edit- In microsoft's case this doesn't mean that change still can't be made. it just takes the higher up in the chain of command to push things forward.

MarkusMcNugen1989d ago


Bill Gates is not at the top... hes a non-executive chair. He doesnt oversee any day to day activities. In fact, a non-executive chairs duties are typically chairing the meetings of the board, organizing and coordinating the board's activities, such as by setting its annual agenda, and reviewing and evaluating the performance of the CEO and the other board members.

I would hardly say he is responsible for much of what happens in the Xbox division.

Ritsujun1989d ago

The perfect villianface.

fr0sty1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Here we go... Next press conference:

Ju1989d ago

That was MS strategy when they started the whole XBox thing. Using games as a Trojan horse to get the "endpoint" into living rooms so they can spam homes with their services. Is anybody really surprised?

NukaCola1989d ago

MS's choice of turning the Xbox brand into the swiss army knife of entertainment is fine and well excepted.'

The issue is they entered the gaming market, not the apple TV market, so by using money for timed exclusives and fighting & belittling the competition, they have done nothing but try and destroy the gaming industry in their plot to TAKE OVER THE LIVING ROOM. At the end of the day and after all MS has done, it's clear they don't give a rat's ass above video games. It was just a way in so they can monopolize the television, push ads to the consumers and produce revenue for their stock holders.

If MS came in last year and not last gen, they would not even of had games on their list of capabilities. They would of gone full force against apple and google for what they really want. The television. People defend Xbox to the death but look at the bigger picture. MS is a cancer.

mewhy321989d ago

Wow. Micro$oft is reeping what it sowed. They made their bed now let them lie in it.

dmeador1989d ago

I'm sure glad all the people who are claiming doomsday only use their cell phone to make calls, and their computers to calculate artillery strikes.

But you guys are right, there is no way the X1 will have more than 2 games a year.... oh wait, they killed the PS4 in their exclusive games presentation at E3.

finbars751989d ago

You know what drives me crazy about the whole Don mattricks PR nightmare is the fact that if he didnt say anything about the xboxone information then guess what all you xbox fanboys would be in for a rude awakening come launch time.Think about it he really just did you guys a favor even if it was bad on his part.I gurantee that the xboxone would still have drm in it,you would have to have internet connection to play sp games ect.You honestly thing they would have dropped all those things from the xboxone if nothing was thankful this happened because im sure guys like Steve Ballmer wouldnt had said anything and this discussion wouldnt be taken place and there would be an outrage down the road which would be a little to late for changes that close to launch.MS are showing gamers there true colors now and im sure something will take place before release that will be frowned upon by the time xboxone is available.

Major_Glitch1988d ago

@dmeador Lol. You mean the presentation where they showed off all their games on high-end pcs? Or was it the part where they showed they had fewer true exclusives than the PS4?

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dark-hollow1989d ago

GOD FORBID THEM to make the Xbox more than pure gaming device. Especially when we hear the same terms of "expanding beyond gaming" from Sony as well.

TongkatAli1989d ago

All you need is dvd or bluray to make your game console a "entertainment device".

EditorAtGNG1989d ago

Indeed. People hate on Balmer for being the asshole he is (you know, the corporate kind of asshole) but MS is doing great because of his corporate way of running things (MS is actually gaining profit in all divisions except Xbox).

So, this might be a different kind of thing but who knows... things haven't been exactly great thus far so...

Nodoze1989d ago

Yeah cause we all know that Sony has openly stated that there goal is to 'OWN the living room'. We all know Sony has been working to create a trojan horse to get into our living rooms to control us. They created a glorified TV guide and HDMI pass through on the PS4 to allow for TV viewing with voice commands. They also created a camera system that can detect emotion, heart rate, and whether or not you are paying attention to the commercials.

Oh wait that was all Microsoft. Sony has been focused on delivering great gaming experiences, and in addition allowing some media functionality.

Stop defending Microsoft.

dark-hollow1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"Trojan horse" "control us"

Microsoft are literary the third Reich!

kenshiro1001989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

When Sony was doing this, 360 fans were laughing at the PS3. Now Microsoft is doing it, it's completely okay. I remembered the whole 'PS3 has no games' crap that was spewed around on other sites and probably this site too. Now Microsoft does the same thing, it's A-Okay!

dedicatedtogamers1989d ago

Like shadowgeist said, it's a bit disingenuous for Xbox fans to defend this shift in direction when they were mocking PS3 owners just a few years ago for the same thing.

"Blu Ray player? I bought my console for games, not movies"

"PS3 has no games!"

"At least I have the OPTION for HD-DVD and I'm not forced to buy an overpriced Blu Ray player"

jmc88881989d ago

There's a thing called opportunity cost.

Think of it like a time management game. You can rest, or work out, or play, or whatever.

But you can't do it all.

You say 'god forbid them'...why are you covering for them? You think they are adding anything?

What does Xbox add to my cable that I don't have already?
What part of xbox is needed for streaming movies? (hint: netflix didn't start on consoles...nor is it needed...not even to view them on a TV since PC's hook up to TV's as well as monitors)

Why should Microsoft divide their focus on things they add no value on?

That's what they are doing. At the expense of the core product.

Even so much as to FORCE the NSA spying device known as Kinect 2 to be connected. (which means if your kinect goes bad, your console is needlessly useless)

At least with the 360 when the Kinect went out, people could simply unplug it. Not with this one, and no you don't believe a company that is required to lie to you about its spying to tell you truthfully about it not spying.

Sony and Microsoft did not treat the 'beyond gaming' aspect equally. Not even close. Like 56-0 football close, or for futbol 10-0 victory.

So again, with limited resources and time, why is Microsoft trying to add all this unnecessary, no benefit gimmicks to things that no one wants?

MarkusMcNugen1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"What does Xbox add to my cable that I don't have already?"

Well, if you love NFL football and fantasy football it does add functionality cable boxes arent capable of at the moment. Same goes for being able to Skype while watching the boob tube. Maybe that means nothing to you, but to some people Im sure its a bonus.

"What part of xbox is needed for streaming movies? (hint: netflix didn't start on consoles...nor is it needed...not even to view them on a TV since PC's hook up to TV's as well as monitors)"

With this rational the PS4 shouldnt have a netflix app because PCs can stream netflix. Your are just fishing for things to hate about when you say stupid things like that. Guess what? PCs have been playing games longer than any console, so by the same rational theres no need for consoles to play games... just nonsensical.

"Why should Microsoft divide their focus on things they add no value on?

That's what they are doing. At the expense of the core product. "

You mean services for end users? Same thing I said above applies to these statements.

"Even so much as to FORCE the NSA spying device known as Kinect 2 to be connected. (which means if your kinect goes bad, your console is needlessly useless)"

Conspiracy theory much? NSA spying device? You cant be serious. Guess what, most smartphones, tablets, and laptops today have a camera on them. If your so worried about being spied on through a camera by the NSA I guess you shouldnt own any of these devices with cameras...

"At least with the 360 when the Kinect went out, people could simply unplug it. Not with this one, and no you don't believe a company that is required to lie to you about its spying to tell you truthfully about it not spying."

You really just want to believe companies spy on you all the time just because dont you...

"So again, with limited resources and time, why is Microsoft trying to add all this unnecessary, no benefit gimmicks to things that no one wants?"

Correction. Services that you dont want. You dont speak for everybody, and I am looking forward to a lot of these services. As much as I am looking forward to owning a PS4 as well.

Knushwood Butt1989d ago

Jeez, who thought it was a good idea to give you your bubbles back?

joeorc1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Ever since the entire Microsoft xbox platform founders like Ed, Robbie, and the rest of them over there all left, i have a very sour outlook on Microsoft's exec's doing the right thing by their xbox platform consumer's.

The people running it now are looking at less and less for the consumer and the bottom line is to protect Microsoft's monopoly on Their OS market, [email protected] every thing else, why else would you have Three Freaking Operating systems on a Game console? its about their OS gate toll position they do not want to loose over to Linux and Apple and Google etc.

This is no longer really about the games console market, its about keeping Microsoft's Windows reliancency from the Consumer the A#1 priority [email protected] every thing else. A game console is about Game's, so why do you need Three OS's? you don't that is because its less about XBOX MORE ABOUT windows!

Remember, when Game's for windows came out and now its gone, PC gamers did not want to be tied to xboxlive, So Microsoft is trying it another way, making xbox live come to the PC gamer again, they want that control , but gamer's said loud and clear ...NO!

this would not have happened if the founders would have still been in charge of the xbox project!

Apple and Google has done the real Damage, the fact of the matter is the OS front is where Microsoft's real cash cow is, without being the Main OS for every day computing, that is going to be a problem when the main OS is every thing but a Microsoft OS for general mass adoption computing.

That is what the main problem is. without a toll position From an OS level Microsoft's Ability to dictate what OS is the main OS that Games are Made for, is the larger problem for microsoft when Valve is now putting investment into Linux, and Apple's OS That right there is a big problem for Microsoft, because during the Wintel Dominance Windows + intel CPU chips, Most games were being made only for windows powered PC's , now with Mac and linux Getting a fair shake its no longer just Microsoft's OS as a main OS for games development priority. add in iOS and Android, and Microsofts market share for The Main OS that games are made for is now shrinking very rapidly.

that's Microsofts main concern, its not about the Xbox as a platform anymore its about keeping Microsoft's OS as the main general consumer OS for all things computing in the consumer electronics. Its not about the game console anymore. For Microsoft. its always about the OS! and being the #1 OS as that leads to be the #1 OS games are made for. Thats Microsofts main goal!

No Way1989d ago

What? Microsoft has games. Where have you been?
Sony really didn't have games at the beginning of the console life..
That is why people said it; cause it was a negative for a great system.

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pixelsword1989d ago

Who jumps ship on the wake of the console's launch?

dark-hollow1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

All of the knee jerk reactions here are ridiculous. The next gen isn't there and yet people call the Xbox a sinking ship.

Where are those same people when Sony was bleeding millions on the ps3 launch? Its too early to make a judgement.

MysticStrummer1989d ago

@dark-hollow - The difference is Sony planned to be taking a loss when they launched PS3.

MS wasn't planning on the reaction One got and I can (almost) guarantee you that Mattrick was allowed to leave instead of being fired.

dark-hollow1989d ago


And the other thing the next gen hasn't even started! We don't know how well the xbone gonna fair, and let's not pretend that MS can't afford to loses on the first years if it didn't Go well.

MysticStrummer1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Of course next-gen hasn't started (though Nintendo fans would argue that), and I didn't say anything about MS not being able to afford taking a loss on One.

I'm just comparing this management change with what you said about Sony losing money on PS3. It's a very different situation. Mattrick was most likely shown the door because of the One's reception and how he handled it. MS did him a favor by letting him "quit".

BABY-JEDI1989d ago

I think this guy is an ideal representative of the XBone, because that's where MS want to market the device. The XBone is not purely a gaming device. It's aimed at (ideally) bigger markets. I would rather have a gaming console. But MS would rather have money from TV, apps, sports ect revenue. But, that's what they want. Time for gamers to tell them what they want!

Ray1861989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

"Who jumps ship on the wake of the console's launch?"

Someone who is trying to distance themselves from the incoming train wreck.

pixelsword1989d ago

@ dark:

Who said it was sinking? Not me. You reveal your own thoughts, not mine.

Tyre1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

@MarkusMcNugen I'm speechless...Where have u been the last couple weeks? I've got news for ya kid...leaks/scandals heard about it? It is all out in the open....PRISM Program? Sounds familiar? Microsoft was the 1st one in, that garantees that they are handing over all their data to the NSA on regular basis. You're living in the past...get with the times. How do you still come up with the conspiracy argument? I'm amazed...i guess old habits are hard to get rid of. You can't teach an old dog news tricks, like the realisation that there IS a conspiracy in spying on citizens. Never in the history of mankind have seen so many facts out in the open and still you come up with the ignorance....i can't believe how people keep their eyes shut, Wake up and smell the ashes.

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GamingAngelGabriel1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

As a business move, it's absolutely brilliant to expand the device.
Look, PlayStation is already establishing itself as a pure, core gamer's dream, right? If you can't attract the same demographic, why not attract not only gamers, but also those who want access to other forms of entertainment?

ThanatosDMC1989d ago

PS3 all ready does that... PS4 will continue the trend. Remember the slogan "It only does everything"?

brave27heart1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

What should be concerning for Xbox fans is that MS has had a real rough ride lately, their reputation has taken a hit and part of that was their poor launch conference where games were hardly mentioned. There is a real fear that games will be a secondary focus for them behind tv integration, so what they should be doing is focusing on getting that gaming message across to people.

The fact they're still touting entertainment over games shows me they havent really learned from their mistakes.

kenshiro1001989d ago

Mind is completely blown, lol.

dlocsta1989d ago

The most important thing is that America re-invest in it's education system. You completely changed the context of the sentence. He said, "most importantly, we epeanded Xbox beyond great gaming..." and then he adds, "to deliver all the entertainment people want..." Ballmer is a pretty bad pick to head MS I will give you that and even worse if he has to take charge of Xbox but don't put words in his mouth by changing the context of the words that come out of his mouth. Believe me he will make a stupid enough statement soon enough. Don't rush him.

horndog1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )


You must be the leader of the tards. You got the quote and you still can't make sense of it. I'll give it a shot.

"most importatnly, WE EXPANDED XBOX TO GO BEYOND GREAT GAMING to deliver all the entertainment people want"

Besides great gaming it will also be able to provide sports, movies etc. or in other words act like a cable box. No where does it say that the extras besides gaming are the priorities. Personally I like MORE OPTIONS on my consoles. I think its great.

Retroman1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

if Homer simpson (BALLMER) at the helm of XBONER MS gaming division really in trouble now.


1989d ago
asmith23061989d ago

The direction they are taking with Xbox reeks of PC under the TV in the living room syndrome. All the things he says are basically what a PC can do where the focus is not solely on gaming.

andibandit1988d ago

Yes a pc can do all these things, but ordinary people want a pc without the hassle of maintaning a pc

Wizziokid1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I'm not sure they will ever learn...

Death1989d ago

Probably waiting for all the bs to blow through before someone is announced. Mr. Ballmer is in charge of Microsoft and has very little input in the Xbox brand. There are quite a few people that are responsible for what happens day to day. Steve doesn't really look like a gamer to me. Chances are sports, music, movies and live television are probably things he is more interested in. In the end that means nothing as far as Xbox goes. Should we really worry that the Xbox can do all of these things? The PS3 with its media sharing and blu-ray player didn't seem to distract from the games much. Why is this a controvercy?

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1989d ago

dont worry it will play games maybe.

vallencer1989d ago

I feel like you didn't read his comment. He never said the most important thing was sports, music, and movies all he said was "most importantly, we expanded xbox to go BEYOND". Nothing in that comment states that he thinks the most important thing are the things previously mentioned. In all fairness it doesn't surprise me that microsoft wants to do that it hasn't been a secret since like 09 of the xbox 360 being out. If they can do all that AND make great games then that works for me.

RedHawkX1989d ago

i dont get why a few gamers are supporting xbox one at this point. come to the ps4 and give sony the respect and love they deserve then when ms fixes it sh*t you can go back if you dont like the playstation. i dont see why some are trying to fight sony right now when sony is doing everything right. when you do everything right you deserve to get rewarded. now i know a lot of you get pissed at work when you are the best and doing everything right but your boss has favorites and picks his friends or something like that instead of you. so lets not be hypocrits and give our love to sony they are doing the right thing by us its only fair and it will set a precendent that those who do good by the people will always prevail.

Lykon1989d ago

Another bloated old bread head in a suit then

JsonHenry1989d ago

From a company standpoint that wants to push its many other services into the lives of customers I understand them wanting to have a games console that does much more than just play games. But you won't sell a GAMES CONSOLE by pushing it as a MEDIA HUB.

You want an example of how to get your future product to catch on? Look at the PS3 and Blu-Ray. It was sold as GAMES system that also played Blu-Ray discs. Guess which format one that war? Yeah. Blu-ray. The one that was sold in a system marketed almost solely as a games console.

You want those others features in the Xbox1, MS? Great! But give us a reason to buy the thing based on what it is- PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!!

ATi_Elite1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

MS whole thing with the Xbox was to gain control over the living room and so far they have done a great job and now that the Xbone will play games and be like a cable box I see MS has reached it's Goal.

I keep having to tell you CONSOLERS this isn't about MS vs. Sony (Big picture wise) but more about MS vs. Apple and it's web TV.

Long term business wise: No one gives a CRAP about Sony and it's handful of Exclusives ESPECIALLY when the console market is driven by MULTIPLATS.

I'm excited to see the Move Engines along with Cloud support take Gaming to a new level.

.....and Yes the PS4 is a beast and simple to program for so Sony Devs better bring the HEAT cause right now Titanfall is the best thing coming to consoles and the PS4 will miss out on it.

Seriously get a grip fanboys cause Sony now charges a FEE for online MP just like MS (I told you slugs this was gonna happen) and SOny will try hard to copy MS by offering Entertainment other than games like music/movies but MS has a slight advantage by getting cable companies onboard.

djfullshred1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

lol on the entertainment quote above. It seems pretty dumb to me turning a game console into an entertainment box for everyone, but then still calling it Xbox. When people see the name Xbox, that means game console to them. Nobody who doesn't play games is going to buy something called Xbox. And on the other side of this double edge sword, you have many gamers turned off by adding more features for more cost that are nmot the reason they normally buy this type of device. I am sure MS has a grand plan going on, but not so sure that plan aligns to what consumers really want to buy. And before saying gamers don't want all the other stuff, I know they do...but we already have this stuff. It isn't new. Baasic Blu Ray players have all the streaming apps. on devices, PCs & TVs do too. There is even cheapo devices like TV entertainment is not a compelling feature to sell game players IMHO.

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majiebeast1989d ago

"The consoles are incredible all-in-one devices with built-in services that consumers love, including Bing, Xbox Live, Internet Explorer, SkyDrive and Skype. And, just as important, Xbox Games, Xbox Video, Xbox Music and SmartGlass light up Windows PCs, tablets and phones."

Notice how games dont even come first this is only the beginning of the entertainment box. Yusuf Medhi is gonna take over Don's position be prepared for more tv and sports.

JBSleek1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

I see that being a plus not a minus actually. Talking about it doing more than gaming that is.

jmc88881989d ago

Not really, you're forgetting everything they are adding, is already being delivered to you by someone else, and probably better.

You mean I can have my fantasy stats from up on the screen....yeah...

Except I can watch the game and check on my stats on my PC or smartphone, and I don't need to use NFL.COM. Because if I use yahoo or ESPN or some other fantasy football site, that 'feature' is pretty much useless.

My cable box works fine as a cable box. I don't need Xbox One for that.

Wow you mean I can use my mouth instead of grabbing my remote? Big whoop.

Netflix? First on PC...and thus first on an HDTV. I also don't have to pay for xbox live to access it. Later copied by everyone else.

Hell what does the Xbox One do on this front that is better than the 360?

Microsoft has been wasting time, and oh look, they're not rushing to make the actual console.

So you'll be able to change channels with your voice but now M$ risks having major hardware problems at many might not be able to use that feature...since they rushed and have a great shot at another RRoD fiasco.

famoussasjohn1989d ago

Would it matter if they mentioned it first? We got a pretty big idea on what kind of games and the ability it has at E3. Think of the additional stuff that isn't gaming as bonus stuff if you will.

Narutone661989d ago

So, games is not their primary focus. Then we can stop comparing it to PS4 now. What XB1 is doing, I already saw in a Samsung Smart TV, including the Kinect features. Here's an ad from Samsung:
Funny thing though, it's Usher in the ad. MS once hired Usher too in their E3.

badkolo1989d ago

well then you didnt watch e3 cause ms killed it with games , they had the better show games wise so not sure what your talking aboutr

DigitalRaptor1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

It is too early to tell definitively, but this direction and enthusiasm for making money via "broad entertainment" on a gaming console hints at the XBone as a second rate gaming and a jack of all tr