Jack Tretton on Xbox One Reversal: “I Guess They Got the Message”

One of the main reasons that Sony ‘won’ E3 was that they announced that no new restrictions would be placed on used games, and that the console would work offline, unlike the Xbox One which planned to heavily restrict users. Now that Microsoft has reversed their decision, what does Sony think? - PSLS

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TrendyGamers1935d ago

Jack, Kaz, Adam, they're all awesome.

Foolsjoker1935d ago

How do you maintain such a healthy glow? Ethnicity. LoL.

Majin-vegeta1935d ago

Having dinner with them would be a blast.But it wouldnt be a party with out Yoshida.

MysticStrummer1935d ago

Throw Cerny in there too. I want to hear him speak japanese to the others, plus he's just a good speaker in general so his stories would be entertaining.

TongkatAli1935d ago

Cerny reminds me of Donatello from Ninja Turtle.

mewhy321935d ago

Micro$oft just saw that Sony was running away with the market and they did the only thing they could do. But it's too little too late. I mean they already tried to screw us. Nah...not me Micro$oft, not me.

MysticStrummer1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

@no_more_trolling - You should try to live up to your name.

The question of what living or dead famous people would you like to have dinner with is a pretty common one, and has nothing to do with going to bed or snuggling on the couch.

SilentNegotiator1934d ago

Boy, some people sure are mad that you'd like to meet these guys in person.

How dare you want to meet the people that make some of the biggest decisions for the video game industry.

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ZeroX98761935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Sony actually helped every xbox one consumers, so Xbox owners should thank sony for letting them share their games without any restrictions.

Plus, Microsoft wanted to help dev with this DRM policy, but you could share, ONLINE, with 10 friends..... how is this helping the Devs?!?!?!?!?

Denethor_II1934d ago

Don't forget Sony for sharing Blu ray for a small fee.

JamieL1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Also, while we're at it, the Sony fans should thank MS for doing the same thing at the start of last gen and for showing Sony a winning formula for the PS4. It’s easy to develop for? Check. Indie friendly? Check. Charge for MP? Check. The PS4 is the real 360 2. My main point was if MS fans should be so ready to thank Sony (and I do agree they should) then the Sony boys should have been doing the same thing since last gen, and that happened right?

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fattyuk1935d ago

I love the fact that not once did jack mention Xbox, one or Microsoft.

Simply refered to them when needed as "competition"

Very proffesional unlike that penis in OXM who had a dig at "PS4"

theWB271935d ago

Oh the irony..if only the Sony faithful followed suit. Sony has never been like this..they were humbled greatly last gen by the WII and 360. This change had to be made cause of how much of the PS2's dominance was lost last gen with the PS3.

fattyuk1935d ago

Well the PS3 is pretty dominant in the current climate and when it comes to its end it's going to have a ridiculous back catalogue just like the PS2/PS1.

TKCMuzzer1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Whatever peoples opinions are there is one thing they can not deny and that is Sony's dedication to games.
Ever since the poor launch of the PS3 Sony have improved year upon year with the PS3 slowly winning back gamers with quality software. They were up against a company who threw money at the 360 left, right and centre with advertising and over paying developers for DLC advantages(GTA and COD). But slowly Sony continued to eat away at Microsoft's lead this gen and we have now reached a situation where the respect for Sony is at its highest level.
Sony's main men have come accross far more humbled and in tune with it's audience, they have learnt even to the extent where Microsoft even followed their lead in changing policies. This gen MS had built up a dominance and confidence that has slowly been reversed as clearly seen in their backtracking, they are not worried about you or I but they are worried about Sony and that's the biggest compliment to all of Sony's top men.

DoomeDx1935d ago

Ehmm you didnt see the E3 interview with jack & Geoff keighley.

sagapo1935d ago

I like Jack, but Kaz is a douche in my book.

Benjammin251935d ago

Kaz is a frigging legend and an absolute gentleman. How can you possibly not like him?

InTheLab1935d ago

I think you've mistaken Kaz for Ken Kutaragi...

fattyuk1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

The word douche pops into my mind reading your comment sagapo but the word douche and kaz defiantly don't in the same sentence!

sagapo1933d ago

come on, be honest. "Next generation starts until we say it does" Kaz?? Be real: Jack is far more modest and says it like it is.
Nope, sorry, I never liked Kaz, and besides, I said in my book, not yours or general.

TKCMuzzer1935d ago

Kaz has been brilliant for Sony, what are you talking about?

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Benjammin251935d ago

No matter what happens this gen, as far as consoles go, Sony have my complete loyalty. If people want to get an Xbox One, fine. That's their business. But just for having the balls to not follow what everyone else was doing and putting consumers first instead, PS4 will be the only next gen console in my house. MS didn't back down from their insane restrictions because of you or me, they only did it because Sony scared them sh*tless. Why would anyone care about a corporation like that?

ceedubya91935d ago

Both of these companies will do whatever it takes to get consumer money. Neither cares about the gamer community other than how much we pay for their product.

Benjammin251935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Obviously. But there's treating your consumers with respect, and then there's treating them like brain dead idiots who will buy any old crap you throw in front of them.

hkgamer1935d ago

yup.... only difference this gen was that Microsoft was arrogant and Sony learnt that arrogance was bad last gen. When I say arrogance i mean thinking that anything you release will be successful.

This year or so, Sony has decided that their marketing image would be to pretend to care about their consumers more. Definitely a good marketing choice.

BABY-JEDI1935d ago

@ hkgamer, what planet are you on? Planet bad boy or what? Is there many bridges on this planet?

NeoTribe1934d ago

If that were the case sony wouldn't have such high standard exclusives like the "last of us". They go out of there way to make sure they have the better games, so naturally they EARN my dollar. Not take it like M$.

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