Ex PlayStation Boss Leads 'Interactive Gaming Ventures' Offering Cash Investment&Guidance To Indies

Former PlayStation boss Jack Tretton will lead the new 'strategic video game firm' Interactive Gaming Ventures, whose goal will be to offer cash investments, industry relations and guidance to two to three select indie developers per year.

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ccgr883d ago

Sound great, hope it takes off!

AmstradAmiga883d ago

How is it different to anything Sony, MS or EA has done or currently does?

xX-oldboy-Xx883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

It might help them develop on more than 1 console at a time. If they get coin from 1 of the big publishers it would usually mean an exclusive deal or timed exclusivity of some sort.

Can only wish good things for Jack, he was one of the good guys of the industry.

rainslacker883d ago

It's like Angel funding with an added blvenue where they get guidance in making and marketing, along with getting them in with an appropriate publisher in some cases. There are several such things like this around the country

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Fearmonkey883d ago

Wish Jack Tretton was still at Sony.

AmstradAmiga883d ago (Edited 883d ago )

Im sure he's enjoying not having to wear the Sony tinted glasses all the time. In fact, the full interview with him eludes to just that.

I just wish he'd chosen a different business partner.

UCForce883d ago

You are really not helping. He has been with PS for decades. It was his choice to leave PS and Sony. Despite this, he’s still respect PlayStation at a whole. All I can say that I hope him for the best in future.

AmstradAmiga883d ago


I wasn't suggesting he wouldn't still work with Sony. If you read something more into my comment then thats your problem not mine.

UCForce883d ago

Well, I did read his interview way back then. He is no longer work with Sony for sure. But he has respect for them. And again, I hope the best for him. Again, you are not helping.

WeAreLegion883d ago

I like Uncle Jack a lot, but I also think Shawn is doing a great job.

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