PS4′s Asynchronous Fine-Grain Compute GPU: What the Heck Can it Do?

Giuseppe Nelva of explains the technical ins and outs of the future-proofing features named by Mark Cerny for the GPU of the PS4 like Ray casting for Audio, World Simulation, Decompression, Physics Simulation and Collision detection.

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Timesplitter141962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Basically, it allows the GPU to be used for tasks that would normally be handled by the CPU. Whenever the GPU will have unused potential, which is ALWAYS, it will be able to handle computing tasks.

And GPUs are several orders of magnitude more powerful than CPUs, because they are made out of many, many cores that work in parallel.

If you want to see what that means visually, here's a particle system running on the GPU (instead of the CPU particle systems we're currently used to see) :

Skynetone1962d ago

here's another example of the power of the gpu

NewMonday1962d ago

some benefits of this is that it reduces the load on the CPU, meaning it will have more room for tasks only the CPU can perform.

and also puts less load on the RAM because less data will need to travel between the GPU and CPU thru RAM.

this also leads to less burden on the developers, because they don't need to spend much time writing the pipelines/paths for data running between the GPU and CPU.

papashango1962d ago

in short. more multitasking scenarios...

that's about it

I_am_Batman1962d ago

I would like to add that GPGPU can be used to tremendously improve AI in games as well.

mewhy321962d ago

And don't foget the fact that the PS4's GPU is 50% more powerful than the xbone's.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

so gpgpu, direct compute, OpenCL sh!t?

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Gardenia1962d ago

In short; PS4 is gonna be an amazing machine

Abriael1962d ago

Potentially, too bad that those features won't come before 2-3 years. Ray tracing for audio is amazing.

Alexious1962d ago

Well, it just depends on developers' skills.

Anyway, PS4 is just teeming with potential. One little turnoff is that Cerny's Knack doesn't look too special, even from a technical point of view.

I guess that depends a lot on the whole development team, though.

piroh1962d ago

gladly, Sony studios are helping each other

AnteCash1962d ago

Ps4 has a modest CPU but custom GPU with 64 compute huge increse from 4 compute that the normal pc verion would have.

Xbox has 2 or 4 i dunno.

Abriael1962d ago

I may be wrong but PC is 2 compute, at least for that kind of card.

a08andan1962d ago

Xbox One has 12 CU's and the ps4 has 18 if I'm not mistaken. Each CU capable of 64 operations per cycle :)

GDDR6_20141962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

ps4 has 18 compute units

so thats between a 7850 (16) and 7870 (20),

AMD's higher end GPUs, 7950 has 28 CUs, 7990 has 64 CUs

They can all do 64 instructions (SIMD) per second

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The story is too old to be commented.