Xbox 360 Dominates New Hardware Sales Projections

Xbox 360 will be untouched in North America by it's competitors until 2010, says a new corporate projection research item. Wii and PS3 will wrangle for a couple of months, before the Wii gets kicked to the curb by Microsoft and Sony.

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BIadestarX4475d ago

I think this is accurate. The wii is a great party system but I don't see it dominating the gaming industry, but the simple fact that people expect games to move a the speed of technology.

BrotherSic4475d ago

I agree that the overall projections could be correct but in terms of product lifecycles the figures are completely incorrect.

If they are going to use straight lines as used with the PS3 then both xbox and wii should also be straight lines. The use of straight lines are very inaccurate as there will be peaks and dips with any product that can easily be predicted. i.e at launch

NextGen24Gamer4475d ago

Different things factor into play. But for sure common sense tells you the 360 will keep the overall sales lead for years to come. If the ps3's price never hits the 300 or less sweet spot, I don't see them even coming close by 2010. It guarenteed the 360 core will hit the 179.99 spot at some point in its life cycle. And we can safely assume the Premium will hit the 249.99 at some point as well. There are a few variables that could give MS an even bigger lead this next gen. If the ps3 has system failures...battery problems...or just doesn't show "in games" a 200 dollar difference...that could hurt the overall sales.

For example....a gamer can by a core 360 for 200 less than the core ps3. If you pop a game in the core 360 and if it looks and plays better than a game in the core ps3...that will hurt sony. Its all about the GAMES in a video game console. Everything else is an added perk....But sometimes we forget its really all about the games. If Sony doesn't show a 200 dollar difference in "GAMES"...their sales won't be nearly as good as some project. If a gamer spends over half a grand on a video game console. They want the games to look and play better than the console that is 200 dollars less. If its not....They will face major problems.

shotty4475d ago

25 million in the US only is much better than what they did last generation with 25 million worldwide. Factor in Canada, Europe and Asia and we should get a pretty decent install base.

UrbanJabroni4474d ago

If you follow through the NextGen article this came through, there are some more detailed stats. Both the 360 and PS3 projections seem reasonable, but I think the 2006 and 2007 Wii numbers are _very_ low, given the current state of hardware supplies.

1.1 Million / 1.1 million

3.4 million / 4.5 million

3.9 million / 8.4 million

3.1 million / 11.4 million

2.2 million / 13.6 million

original seed4474d ago

I beleive because of its low price it will sell like hot cakes. It will do much better than the gamecube because of its functionality and the fact that the PS3 cost an arm and a leg. It will sell huge in Japan alone. They are crazy about the DS and will be crazy about the Wii.

ChickeyCantor4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

maybe amerika thinks like this but allot of ppl do want the Wii in europe.( and yess this if fot n-A but i mean i dont think they should put such a thing and leave out other numbers)

btw these charts are always full of shyte, i mean, all the charts that are made in the past wur false.

those ppl should STFU about it and see what the future brings and tells

Thugbot1874474d ago

I think the Wii numbers are a bit low. I do see the Wii selling a whole lot more but there are a few factors that need to be considered. Software titles… They have to come out with a lot more then what the cube offered or even the original xbox. This will give them the ability to capture a much broader demographic of gamers and a larger market share.

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