5 Reasons Why Gamers Need To Unite

Pwnagraphic of RealGamerNewz writes, "We have come a long way from the era of gaming when it was looked at as something kids or nerds partake in. The gaming industry is a juggernaut when it comes to entertainment even out grossing Hollywood in revenue. Video games captivate us, allow us to be heroes, villains, and teach us to use teamwork with perfect strangers. There is no color, or religion, or differences. Video games bring people together in ways that the real world can’t even achieve. Yeah, you got your trash talking, but that comes with the territory much like it does with football, basketball, or any sport for that matter. So here’s a few reasons why PC vs Console vs Console vs The other console that everyone forgot about, should be a thing of the past..."

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Corpser1989d ago

A lot of the console wars is just about some people can afford only one console therefore they need to justify they made the right choice and need to bash other consoles

creatchee1989d ago

See, this is what I don't understand about the fanboy mentality. The way most normal people justify their purchase of one product over another is by actively enjoying that product. But fanboys take it further and slam competition. I have never understood how hatred of one product justifies your love of another product and makes you enjoy it more.

I understand the money thing completely, but that's an excuse. If you buy a Ford, does hating a Chevy make that Ford drive better or get better gas mileage? Will it make your family survive a head-on collision? Of course not, but the fanboy mentality says otherwise.

cpayne931989d ago

Whether its politics, religion, sports, or whatever, there will always be people who put others down for making a different choice. Its just a cheap way to boost self esteem for some people. They tell another person that he or she is stupid for making a decision differently then they did, and somehow it makes them feel superior. Its really rediculous to pull this crap out about anything like entertainment, because there are not many things more trivial than something like what console you play on.