God Mode Review [Gaming Union] "Back in the day of pre-online gaming, setting up a bunch of bots and duking it out against the AI was a staple feature of every FPS game. It was something you looked forward to messing around with alongside a few friends when the single player was all dried up. Come the advent of PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, it took Gears of War's Horde Mode to reignite real interest in fighting hordes of bots with friends, and though playing against humans online is still the dominant form of multiplayer entertainment, there's something to be said about surviving against some fairly ridiculous odds against a swarm of foes."

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ShawnCollier1938d ago

Seems pretty decent for what it is.

mephman1938d ago

Yea. It certainly doesn't pretend to be anything it's not.

lucidity1938d ago

It's alright so long as you have co-op buddies. Scales atrociously, so 2 or less players can expect a much harder and less enjoyable experience.

Skate-AK1938d ago

I have it on PSN. It is fun but hard to find people to play with.