Does Telltale’s The Walking Dead Prove That Gamers Are Chauvinists?

Geekparty writes: Telltale's The Walking Dead collects data from every person who plays the title. So, after you complete an episode, you can compare your decisions to the rest of The Walking Dead‘s community. The results are displayed in a handy bar graph, but the graph at the end of Episode 1 showed that only 23.6% chose to save the IT guy over the hot chick.

Are we really just a bunch of Chauvinists?

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xxchicago33xx1940d ago

HBO's the walking dead huh...well...this article went to sh*t pretty quick

Jagsrock1940d ago

I saved Carley because she seemed like she would be of more use to the group. And the author says it himself that we know more about carley than doug therefore we know what we are getting if we save her vs Doug who seems kinda wimpy and we know far less about.