Battlefield 4 Weapons and Gadgets List

"Everything you need to know about Battlefield 4's weapons, gadgets, and armaments—all in one simple list."

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Chapster1990d ago

All classes have carbines and engineers have PDW's. It seems like engineers are underpowered to me.

Elit3Nick1990d ago

How? They were overpowered in BF3, now at least with PDWs their vehicle warfare role is more clear.

xk771990d ago

they were never op in BF3. however now since all classes have access to carbines, then it makes all classes op

trenso11990d ago

@xk77 did you read what you typed? Even if every class is op wouldn't that just mean all classes are balanced?

@Elit3 i disagree they weren't op in Bf3 i just feel they were the most balanced class that didnt have many flaws that made it less use full or more power full like the recon and medic classes. But them having PDWs does make their role more clear as it will help them defend tanks they should be sticking by to repair.

Elit3Nick1990d ago

The problem with the engineer in BF3 is that they were already the most anti vehicle focused class in the game, but the addition of a carbine put them mostly on par with the other classes. Now that PDWs are the exclusive weapons now it makes them more fragile at range and encourages teams to protect the engies from infantry while they take care of vehicles

sAVAge_bEaST1990d ago

you can still Beast, with a UMP-45 & P90,..

Neixus1990d ago

ump-45 + silencer,holo and laser sight is sex

titletownrelo1990d ago

engineer is fine, he has the AT4, rpg, and launchers. But for BF4 I see no motivation whatsoever to use the Support class (besides ammo). :P

Another thing I noticed, the character models from BF3 look a lot more bad-ass than the ones on BF4...

SilverKiller1990d ago

the same C4 to recon :S weird i prefer on support with unlimited amount of AMMO lol however for balance the change is good hopw the LMG have less recoil this time around

ShabbaRanks1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )


did you read the article ?

Engineers can use Carbines too. Carbines are for all kits now. But PWDs are exclusive to the Engineer class

Chapster1990d ago

I can read just fine. I don't understand why engineers were OP in bf3 though. Assault rifles are much better than carbines.

Why would you use a PDW in a huge map? The
"unique" primary weapon is therefore useless.

3-4-51990d ago

Well then use a carbine and problem solved.

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TheCatsMeow1990d ago

I learned a bit of new information from reading this that makes me even more excited for this game.
First Aid Packs and Ammo Packs? That sounds awesome.
Being able to give full ammo to a your buddy who's completely out is so much more efficient than having to throw down the ammo box and your buddy having to sit there while it accumulates.
Same idea with the First Aid Pack. They are small additions that will make a big difference.

JackVagina1990d ago

I for one learned that a "Sniper Rifle" is a long ranged killing device

sAVAge_bEaST1990d ago

At least sniper's have c-4 again,.. I hated that in bf3

titletownrelo1990d ago

hopefully there is an optional accessory covering your scope that eliminates scope glare, because that shits annoying in BF3.

RedDeadLB1990d ago

It wasn't annoying, it's balance. The maps in BF3 are huge and cover and bushes are plenty. If there wasn't scope glare no one would ever see a sniper camped up somewhere on his tummy listening to spice girls.

I like the fact that snipers have C4 again, because they were definitely at a loss against anything not quite some distance away and on foot.

However, I don't see many people using the support class now because, let's face it, the C4 is why you take the support class in BF3. Exclusive suppression for the support class and ammo boxes don't really equate to the almighty C4.

sovietsoldier1990d ago

hope they add back the feature of tapping x to blow c4 like in bf2.

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