Google Is Making A Video Game Console, Which Means Euuuugggghhhh

FleshEatingZipper writes: People are freaking out today at the prospect that Google is making a video game console. Since Android is open-source, hardware would-be players like Ouya and Gamestick are already beginning to fill the field by crafting their own gaming hardware on top of Google's mobile operating system. My thoughts are lukewarm for a variety reasons I'm about to get into, but anyone expecting some kind of market disruption out of this needs to slow down on the headlines and Facebook posts, because a Google console can create more of a mess than it creates.

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Shad0wRunner1964d ago

"Google Is Making A Video Game Console...Which Means"

Absolutely nothing in comparison to the big 3, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. These little android based systems popping up are nothing more than a mosquito buzzing around a giants face.


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IntelligentAj1964d ago

I'm not a fan of Android based gaming but are you really comparing Intel's Silvermont or any mobile SOC to any desktop processor?

Timesplitter141964d ago

after the Ouya, I think I'll just hold back any excitement until we see what the console actually is

Az1mov1964d ago

DO we need it really but One sure thing they can afford it :)

Foxgod1964d ago

Android console, direct competition for the Ouya.
I am mostly interesed in those things as an XMBC device, with some emulation capability's.

But only if they are really small, and fairly cheap.

ScamperCamper1964d ago

LOL. Look at the date of this prediction vs. this article:

I don't see any references in that story. Where is the source of the rumor? Pics? I didn't see anything. Is this just some keyboard warriors throwing this out there?

I see a lot of people here don't like Android games. You guys miss the point. Multiplayer? You can play those games 75% more because you're out of your house. Your console you're stuck when playing at home. Android means many more people playing and a vastly bigger gaming base. Don't lose sight of that.

MWH1964d ago

I don't feel "stuck" playing at home, I feel.. at home.

if i'm going out then i'm going out to do other life activities.

ScamperCamper1964d ago

Fair enough. The point is? More people are playing android games (multiplayer) than all the consoles put together at one time. This will matter more in the future as the better android games come out. A game that you can play at home and when you're outside your home? That is a MASSIVE userbase. That's why this type of game system is a real threat, believe it or not.

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