Talismoon lets you pimp your Xbox 360

Talismoon are delighted to announce the release of four new entry level customization kits for the Xbox 360. Not only are Talismoon's latest innovations of low cost, but they will certainly give any Xbox 360 a completely new and redefined sense of style and a barrage of kudos along the way. It's about time the Xbox entered the twilight zone and Talismoon gives owners of Microsoft's console an overwhelmingly good look at all that power under the hood!

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Yo Wassap4475d ago

I can see this being popular, the only problem is that you won't feel as though you 360 is as special as it could be. On the other hand it means that people won't break their 360s trying to make them look cool and not be able to return it.

ASSASSYN 36o4475d ago

All I need to complete my 360 mod is that light up duct fan. As my avatar shows it will COMPLETE the design. If you don`t believe it is mine and some ripped image I will gladly show you this mod. I have a 360 camera and will give you a dtailed pic or video show of her. Proved many wrong already. Gamertag: ASSASSYN 36o

Mikey_Gee4475d ago

... but am I the only one left on the planet that thinks this kind of stuff is the most "Hoaky" thing to do to your Consoles and PC's.

Like I said, not being a d!ck or anything, but I just don't really see the purpose of it !!!

LuminousAphid4474d ago

It's so you can look like a complete nerd AND void your warrantee, all at once! Who knows if MS would even let you pay them to repair a hardware failure on something like that. I'm glad I didn't open mine as I'm getting it repaired for free as we speak.

ASSASSYN 36o4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

My warranty expired long ago. My wallet opend up and so did my 360. Excuse my technical know how for being fully capable in electronic principles. My fault for being a indivisual. People mod not to spite their warranties they do it to be different not like you who wish to have these skills. And we are nerds...nerds run the world. Me I am a 6 foot 270 pound muscular xbox 360 modding beast. Like to see a pic hit my gamertag up at ASSASSYN 36o and I will say it to your face with my camera!