Microsoft no longer charges developers to patch their Xbox 360 games

Microsoft no longer charges developers for Xbox 360 title updates, Eurogamer has been told by multiple development sources.

Microsoft made the policy change on the quiet earlier this year after charging developers tens of thousands of dollars to patch their games.

Microsoft has always charged a fee when developers first submit their games to Microsoft's certification process so they can be approved for release, and the company normally grants developers one title update free of charge. This remains the case, but sources have told Eurogamer that subsequent re-certification as a result of a title update is now free. This applies to Xbox Live Arcade games and full retail games.

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green1965d ago

This is great news for smaller developers and publishers.

Blackdeath_6631965d ago

curious how it specifically says xbox 360 does that mean devs will still have to pay on the XBone?

US8F1965d ago

They still can't self publish.....

GameCents1965d ago

Curious how you wanna point out every little bit of negative about a positive xbox 360 related story.

Does it eat you up when there's positivity surrounding Microsoft?

Perjoss1965d ago


it just looks like a good question to me

Blankolf1965d ago

It's great news, but looking to your name, you do not look to be to imparcial good sir.

CandyCaptain1965d ago


It's rumored that today they might announce that they can, we'll see though. *Fingers crossed*

humbleopinion1965d ago

Of course they can self Publish. It's called the Indie Channel.

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Septic1965d ago

Don't know how anyone can disagree with your statement green. It's undeniably a good thing.

Jdoki1965d ago

Whilst I don't disagree...

I do think that by having a charge in place for devs to patch games may provide incentive to launch less buggy software.

If I knew you had to pay $1000 every time I needed to patch something I would definitely spend more time on QA. Customer wins!

If I knew it was free to patch, then why not get the software out quicker and patch later and repeatedly.

baodeus1965d ago


It is true what you said. Although removal of patching cost may have to do with the fact that the console required to be online at all times (so developers can patch and fix error remotely without the need for approval, which could be faster than waiting for payment or QA hrs). So technically your game/system will fix itself while you as sleep or in the background while you play. It seems a bit more flexible for developers in that sense.

pompombrum1965d ago

I think it's pathetic that they charged for this to begin with. Charging developers to better their game experience for the gamers.. that's really really low.

testerg351965d ago

Or it could teach devs to stop releasing buggy games?

Mikeyy1965d ago


Features get added in via patches also.

Yes it was low to charge to patch a game.

3-4-51965d ago that everyone has moved on to the next consoles this doesn't even matter.

They are captain Hindsight

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snipab8t1965d ago

Good, hopefully this will mean faster updates for games rather than devs having to compile a whole bunch to save money.

mark134uk1965d ago

i cant belive that actually used to do it?

CandyCaptain1965d ago

I am curious if you know how ironic, and hypocrital you are being right now, in relation to your comment above.

GameCents1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Just highlighting that it is an industry norm that they are breaking. 2/3 console makers used to do it is what I was trying to convey.

I was just suprised at how many people didn't seem to believe it as if it were an isolated practice. Judging by my disagrees, many still do. Baffling.

Bereaver1965d ago

Yes, but I'm curious as to how you wanna point out every little bit of negative.

otakukidd1965d ago

Actually Microsoft is the last one. Nintendo and Sony already said they were doing it for next gen. One of the reasons indie revs have been signing up with Sony. Kinda curious what their Xbox one policy is though.

DragonKnight1965d ago

@CandyCaptain and Bereaver: You have just witnessed fanboy hypocrisy. You are wasting your time trying to get a logical explanation when the answer is quite simply that GameCents likes Microsoft, so talking bad about them will be pointed out. GameCents either dislikes Sony, or is just trolling, so talking good about them is a no-no.

testerg351965d ago

DragonKnight, I believe you also constantly defend Sony and continuously bash MS... No?

DragonKnight1965d ago

@testerg35: Nope. It seems like that because I'm always in Sony articles attacking stupidity, but I'm not defending Sony per se. When people say stupid things like what was going on from the month of February to E3 when it came to Sony's policies on used games, and they tried to lump Sony in with Microsoft, I spoke out about it. It's not my fault that Microsoft have been consistently stupid lately and everyone has called them out on it, and then fanboys like GameCents (and probably yourself since you're defending him and/or Microsoft) try anything they can to once again lump bad policies from one company to another. I mean, even if I didn't say anything at all, you can clearly see others feel the same way about what GameCents is doing and, on a larger scale, the differences between Sony and Microsoft lately.

pyramidshead1965d ago

Not sure about PS3 games but I don't think they are any more for PS4 etc..

"Hall added that Sony’s free patching policy is preferable because there are a lot of bugs in DayZ. “It’s gonna take a long time for us to be able to iron this out and we don’t wanna have to be paying ten, twenty thousand dollars – whatever it is – every time we wanna do an update.”

MikeMyers1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

testerg35, the answer is clearly yes and that dates back long before the Xbox One.

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sentury1111965d ago

Good to hear. It appears MS is going down a checklist of complaints and acting to correct them.

chamber1965d ago

How about for X Box one games?

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