Alienware: “consoles are looking more and more like PCs every day”

PCGames: We know PCs are great. You know it, too. Being a PC manufacturer, Alienware know it, too, and have a vested interest in shouting about it. Yet, speaking to us at E3, Alienware’s general manager Frank Azor broke down exactly why PC’s leading on consoles, Sony and Microsoft are copying it.

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Kleptic1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

title should read...

Dell: "Consoles are looking more and more like PCs every day"

imXify1941d ago

Dell is still overpriced.

Kleptic1941d ago

agreed...i was only saying...there is no Alienware any more...

SITH1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Over priced? Funny, I paid retail cost of everything in my Alienware Aurora ALX except the two 500gb SSD hard drives which had a major discount. The EVGA GTX 690 $999.00 the i7-3960x $999. Same if I bought from newegg. In fact it is actually more on newegg.

And I used my USSA insurance, and VA discount to lower the overall cost further. They even threw in a $300 gift card which I used to buy some games and a Logitech G13.

So I am not seeing this overpriced claim you Alienware haters keep spouting. Customer service has been great and I will have owned this PC one year this July.

Gimmemorebubblez1941d ago

How much did you pay...because I must admit yours sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

SITH1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

$4,289 For the Aurora ALX-R4 chassis. (Has the cute vents on top that open and close.)

GTX 690
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3960X CPU @ 3.30GHz Current Clock Speed 3.4GHz water cooled
8GB DDR3 2333mhz ram.
Single drive dual layer Blu-ray reader
Internal wireless modem/blu-tooth
USB 3.0
Media Card Reader

Two current 500gb in raid0 SSD drives originally two 500 GB SSD/Hybrid drives that were recently replaced due to failure via 3 year parts warranty. Time from initial problem to receiving new drives after talking to tech support. Literally 22 hours. Overnight parts for the win. The Hybrids retailed at about 75$ each. The current SSD drives are nearly three times more expensive at zero additional cost by me. That includes shipping. Alienware has been absolutely accommodating to me and my purchase. I have zero issues.

I posted my new HDD when I got them on Alienware's official facebook page on the date of May 30th this year. They have really made my return to PC gaming absolutely easy. If I built a PC remotely like mine yes it may be cheaper, but that is because of the absent warranty. I say, "may" because my Hybrid Drives failed and would have resulted in cost of shipping. I actually made my system cheaper with the replacement drives value. So yes alienware may have been a problem back in the day but they sure and hell have failed to show those issues with me now and a year ago.

Parasyte1941d ago

And sense I have started planning to build my new gaming PC, ALienware is looking more and more overpriced every day.

The thing is with the PS4 being so similar to PC in architecture, I wonder if we may see an emulator released in the future.

kneon1941d ago

Someday we probably will, but we'll get an Xbox One emulator first since that will be easier to do.

Because the PS4 uses GDDR5 for all it's memory it's going to be difficult for a current PC to keep up with the bandwidth requirements. But in a few years when faster RAM is available then that shouldn't be a problem.

Death1941d ago

GDDR5 is not optimal for CPU's. PC's use DDR3 on the motherboard and GDDR5 on GPU's for a reason. A CPU needs low latency ram since it calculate in a more linear manner while a GPU is better suited for more bandwidth or channels since it makes many parallel calculations at a time.

The PS4 isn't "better" since it uses GDDR5. Neither console has the optimal configuration, but the combo GPU/CPU that is used to save money makes it difficult to have dedicated ram for each part of the chip.

imchuckbass1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

The trouble is that 8gb of GDDR5 is travelling across quite a slow memory bus, which will limit it's potential somewhat. It's enough for 1080p, but not really anything beyond. Which makes sense I suppose, as 1080p is the target for this console gen. Going for a wider bus would make it more expensive.

PC's will have no problem 'keeping up' - Cards today have a lot more shaders (which is the main thing, not memory) higher gpu clocks ,faster memory bandwidth, faster memory clocks (not all gddr5 is 'the same') etc etc

You also have to remember these these are often coupled with SSD's, 4ghz i7's and 16gb of extra memory

You've kinda fell into the hype machine based on one statistic (8gb gddr5), without understanding how it works. But this is what companies do.

The PS4 would have been better if it had 6gb GDDR5, and 2gb DDR3, as the different types of ram are good at different things. But this would have probably made it too expensive

Subzero2001941d ago

“consoles are looking more and more like PCs every day”

keep telling yourself that.

"Yea to bad PC will never get those exclusive 1st party games the console gamers have. You know like The Last of Us, Killzone: Shadowfall, etc."

That because pc owners dont care about crap like that.

Saryk1941d ago

PC will get games from Xbox One and PS4, plus all the crap we get anyway. PC is the way to go if you want to save money. If you are a college student or a lite gamer (buys console and a game a year), console all the way. But if you have a family and/or are a hard core gamer, PC is the cheapest entertainment bar none! If you have any doubts go to dlcompare and look at Watch Dogs for PC's price. $20 cheaper BEFORE LAUNCH!

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