Why Silent Hill Should Be Remade

With the upcoming release of several HD remakes of some classics such as Castle of Illusion and Ducktales, I couldn’t help but to think about other games that served as significant milestones growing up as a gamer. After pondering games that could benefit from a remake in my opinion, Silent Hill is a classic that is near the top of my list.

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DarkBlood1992d ago

would seriously love that to happen, i didnt think it was possible to be scared shitless when i played it for the first time on my ps3, you think the classics would of prepared me to expect it lol

thats when i know its a survivor horror game done right

jc485731992d ago

oh man, SH 1 with fox engine. oh's scary just thinking about it.

Mounce1992d ago

Only problem is, it technically was remade....just improperly and it was called Silent Hill: Shattered Memories:

"The game was the seventh installment in the Silent Hill video game series and a reimagining of the first installment."

But yea, a 'REAL' remake, no bullshit stunts or reimaginings would be nice. The only problem and the usefulness of Horror back in the PS1 days was the limitations of hardware made it scarier. We can't as a gaming industry go back to this except by Indie-developers or someone who makes an engine specifically to harness what flaws and 'Vagueness' that made the Old engines like these great. Great horror games are great for many reasons, but one of them which is repeatedly failed is because the more detailed a creature is, the more Logically, rationally understandable a 'thing' is...the Less it's scary in our mind. Is a reason why in Amnesia, you'd be punished for looking at the creatures to give it a means so you know its BAD to look, bad to see and visually grasp the creatures. PS1 graphics made most enemies blotches and creepy entities that were simply there and resembling things - but were out to kill you. Same for Clocktower for better or for worse.

Or, a good 'Top 10 Horror games' by Gametrailers that gives a good selection of games that were defined back in those days:

Hilariously, I'd say, give me shoddy sound effects, unrealistic sounds that aren't things you can chime as something Worldly. Visual, Auditory and everything psychological must be Unearthly for it to be Horror.

Calm Down Sunshine1992d ago

I also believe the controls/horrific player movement made the game more frightening.

When you've got a blotchy screeching mess dragging itself towards you and your stuck behind a bin/on a wall your only option is to scream like a girl.

Mounce1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

@Calm down - Exactly.

We have Silent Hill 1 and the movement and controls basically rebelled against the user since it wasn't entirely compatible to our own perception of what is fluent or what makes us feel empowered. The flawed controls by that logic made us feel Weaker in mind while immersing ourselves in the world of Silent Hill. Because of that, with games like Downpour or Homecoming, the enemies were easily understandable and the combat was easy to get a hang of, countering and melee'ing and being a general tank, since I felt empowered and able to defeat the enemies there was no chance to be fearful.

That's also why many horror games choose to make you a Young girl, it stereotypically puts emphasis that you are more helpless than you would feel if you played a male character who was stronger, more physically capable. Whether that be Fatal Frame, Clock Tower 1,2,3, Some levels in Siren 1,2,3, some levels in Eternal Darkness, orrr Haunting Ground on PS2.

Maybe I'd get flamed on for it, but maybe we should try a horror game where you play a quadriplegic and you're in a wheelchair in a haunt place that's evil as fuck :L Not to make it sound derogative of handicapped-capabilities - but it'd make it extra scary to be left alone with no help in a place that is warping to try to kill you when you're perhaps stuck to be in a wheelchair or such.

Blankolf1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I am commander Shepard and this is my favorite project on the citadel.

brandonw001992d ago

I just hope we don't start seeing every single major release from the last few decades given the HD remake.

rezzah1992d ago

They'd probably turn it into something terrible.

Gamesgbkiller1992d ago

That's the only hope for the series.

PerryCaravello1992d ago

Oh my god, did you guys see the movies? So good.....


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