The Metal Gear Solid Remake Rumor: When is a Remake Necessary?

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has recently shot down a rumor stating that he is searching for a studio that would be willing to remake the 1998 classic Metal Gear Solid. Whether or not a second MGS remake will be in the works, it raises the important questions of if and when a remake for a game is necessary.

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Kanzes1993d ago

I want Metal Gear 1-2 remake with FOX Engine for PS4One!!

It would be really really awesome to see Solid Snake vs Big Boss in FOX Engine.

or Rising 2 featuring Gray Fox for PS4One is good too!

Kingthrash3601993d ago

"ps4one"? o...ps4/x1....much better to understand...I thought you ment psone on my first read.

crxss1993d ago

unfortunately now's not the right time -

raiden-491993d ago

he didn't mention MG1 or MG2:SOLID SNAKE

MWH1993d ago

it's PS4me, that I can tell you.

Mounce1993d ago

I'd also want to see what'd happen if MG1/MG2 put you in the....eye of Big Boss as WELL as Solid Snake, like a two-part game where it'd remake Solid Snakes mission but also give us Big Boss fans a side of the emotional tragedies that Big Boss must personally suffer through seeing everything he built go to ruin by Solid Snake, all his comrades falling to Solid Snake. It was only not perceived as a problem because we didn't know Big Boss, we didn't have a connection with him other than "He's the final bad guy and is like Darth Vader is to Luke Skywalker". Everyone has feels for BB.

brandonw001993d ago

Remakes would introduce new people to the series, but I think if someone is wantin to play the first Metal Gear Solid, they will regardless of how it looks.

PopRocks3591993d ago

Seems pretty pointless considering Metal Gear Solid is a part of the Legacy Collection which comes out pretty soon.

dedicatedtogamers1993d ago

I can understand why some people want remakes, but it's not like the original games are unplayable. The only games that could use a retcon/remake would be Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2, both of which are pretty difficult even for retro gamers.

I really like the gameplay of the old MGS games. I replayed MGS1 a few months ago and the gameplay holds up remarkable well (despite a few quirks).

Luke_fon_Fabre1993d ago

Metal Gear 1 is easy... Metal Gear 2 is brutal.

Pillsbury11993d ago

The original metal gear 1 and 2 could definitely benefit from a remake.

Agent_00_Revan1993d ago

That joke would Have to be in there!

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