Microsoft: Kinect for Xbox One will not work on PCs

Kinect that comes packaged with every Xbox One console has a proprietary connector that can not be plugged directly into a PC and Microsoft is not planning to release an adapter to allow cross-platform use.

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Donnieboi1964d ago

Well that kinda sucks. Considering all the amazing things engineers, scientists and even doctors were able to do with the weaker, previous version of the first Kinect.

cl19831964d ago

I can see their thought process for this, with the requirement foe the xbox one

Blackdeath_6631964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

no, no i can't see their thought process behind this they have potentially limited many creative people from finding more genuinely useful features for the kinect. it has very limited use in gaming if any and to make it mandatory and prevent other people from using they have potentially killed their own product most if not all the games for kinect have either consisted of shouting, leaning left and right jumping up and down, dancing or fitness. you can hardly call that gaming

nukeitall1964d ago

What is not to understand the thought process?

Xbox One with the Kinect as a bundle probably means loss or almost no profit. If you bought it to work it on a PC, you aren't really an Xbox customer.

With all the research MS put in to make one of the most advanced cameras around, the cost is cheap. You actually get two Kinect, one early release and a final product. So the actual cost is probably at cost for MS.

JhawkFootball061964d ago

This is what they said with the original Kinect until third party drivers came about which allowed it to work on PCs

Snookies121964d ago

They did say it would be coming to PCs later on... Perhaps when they do that, you'd be able to hook it up. It would suck it if were a completely different model or something exclusively for PC or the X1...

cl19831964d ago

I'm guessing that they don't want people messing up the console kinect, and then dealing with a console that no longer works.

Arai1964d ago

That's the sad part about it, they're probably going to charge people twice for the same thing due to that proprietary connector.

Which is quite lame IMO, not that I use the system but I don't condone such behavior either.
A handful of interesting stuff came to be due to users toying with the system on their PC.

Narutone661964d ago

MS probably don't want people hacking the Kinect 2 which in turn open up possible hacking of the XB1. But I say, if there's a will there's a way, for hackers to bypass this problem.

Snookies121964d ago

No idea on the disagrees. Either people don't believe the "fact" that MS said they'd release a PC version, or they want to pay for two Kinects lol.

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zeal0us1964d ago

MS knew what they was doing. I guess now if you want the new Kinect for pc you have pay them $400.

Shadonic1964d ago

Exactly !!!! not to mention lots of the pros to gaming hackers brought on the weaker kinect as well.

Bigpappy1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

M$ has already stated that there will be a PC version in 2014.

Donnieboi1964d ago

Good news. Imagine if doctor's could make a portable home MRI machine??

Then I could save thousands on a doctor visit :D

hellvaguy1964d ago

You couldn't do $2500 MRI scan with video equip. That's a very powerful x-ray type of equipment for your muscles. Come on now, be realistic.

Letros1964d ago

MRI doesn't use X-rays....but you're right that Kinect can't do MRI.

Mounce1964d ago

Microsoft is trying to change strategies.

Instead of having it where Xbox 360 had temporary exclusives that went on the PC soon-after. They're trying to stick by the term of Xbox having its own exclusives. Kinect! Guaranteed X1 exclusive! At the cost of Mod support! Hope their Kinect 2.0 strategy is the same with their games, that they aren't temporary exclusives that will shift to other platforms.

Belking1964d ago

which sucks and much inferior to kinect.

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BeAGamer1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

the Kinect is lame as hell

to the disagrees, enjoy big brother watching you

Bigpappy1964d ago

watching me do what exactly? Please do tell enlightened one.

BeAGamer1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

really, you think the fact that Kinect always has to be connected & functioning for the Xbone to work is acceptable? LOL

There is a reason why a German government official called the Xbone a surveillance device. They know a lot more than you.

RavageX1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

I personally just simply don't want it.

Yet if I want a Xbox One, I'd HAVE to have it.

I don't like that.

As for the spying, the fact that MS was involved with that NSA nonsense I wouldn't be surprised. What they would look for?

Ways to tailor advertisements to fit you better, see what products you use in your house while you game or watch your TV and Sports...and what you talk about when you are on Skype.

Not saying I believe that, but hey anything's possible.

Bigpappy1964d ago

Well I have to admit. You got me there. I have no idea what Germans do in front of their Kinects. But I am sure after telling me all of the people who are against Kinect being always connected, you will get around to telling me what Kinect will be looking for.

I still don't understand the panic and fear. My old Kinect has been connected to my 360 for over 2 years. I need to know what these big brothers have been stealing from me. Please help me out brother.

JokesOnYou1964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

Thats what I keep asking Bigpappy but I have never gotten an intelligent response.....just "I dont want it spying on me", meanwhile millions have had kinect their homes for quite awhile now like me with it "kinected" the whole time with no problems. Its funny because if you go back and look at old posts concerning kinect it was the same fear tactics....nothing happened but once again of course "OMG watch out micro wants to spy on us" lol as if they are important....I swear sonyfanboys must all be living duoble lives as secret agents.

1964d ago
iceman061964d ago

Don't kill the messenger...please. But, here it is in a nutshell. The original idea for the Kinect 2 integration was not just about games, but about Kinect 2 being able to sense facial expressions, moods, even heartbeat changes. Folks found that MS had made some deals with some ad firm to sell metadata to them that would be uploaded from Kinect. This was NOT pictures of you, or sound clips. It was more about responses to things. How many people are present when you game? Did you smile when a commercial was advertised? This metadata is of utmost importance to ad execs because they pay crap-loads of money for this type of information. Then, the PRISM scandal hit with MS being involved (I believe through Windows). So, on the extreme side MS wants to watch your every move. On the conservative side, they want your data so that they can show you ads that you may like. I think it's somewhere in the middle. Make some cash off of metadata to push ads that they think would apply to you.

defiance1871964d ago (Edited 1964d ago )

If "Bigbrother" want to watch you it already can.It can tell where you are, within a meter, by using your cell phone.Which also has a camera on both sides no less. It can grab you search engine records, snag web cam feeds,employment records, and credit reports. If your worried about potential spying then you better get completely off the grid. I swear your either a troll or really dumb.

hellvaguy1964d ago


In the nature of not being a fanboy hypocrite, do you have duck tape over the camera on your phone and laptop pc? I'm guessing not.

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MikeyDucati11964d ago

Well I guess MS doesn't want people creating on PCs with their Kinect.

MikeyDucati11963d ago

And what are the disagrees for? Kinect 1.0 was used by many developers looking to enhance its experience by using on PCs. Many things were created on that platform.

Some of you folks cannot read a post objectively or comprehend what is being said to you.

strigoi8141964d ago

I doubt this one..M$ will surely make money out of this and release a software to make kinect 2 function on pc

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