Crowdfunder for AeternoBlade Wii U Version Begins

By Jorge Ba-oh

Indie developer Corecell have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help expand the AeternoBlade concept onto other platforms.

The Nintendo 3DS version is 90% complete for the Japanese market, but Corecell need funding to release the game on other formats including PS3, Wii U, PCand PSVita. Of course a DLC Freyja in a bikini is also an option.

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Xof1991d ago

Hm... interesting.

Maybe we should start crowdfunding Virtual Console games, too?

And PSN games? Get some Suikoden II.

PopRocks3591991d ago

I'd throw funds at all of that.

b_one1990d ago

maybe, for now i would poke StarCitizen dude for next gen console release :) Sony has its PubFund but kickstarter etc, are closer to users

Concertoine1991d ago

The wii u is looking great on the indie game front.

BosSSyndrome1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

The more the merrier. Besides, 3DS already has a buttload of support.