SOCOM: Confrontation- New Details From EGM

New details from Electronic gaming magazine:

-You can roll or underhand a grenade with real physics
-You can lean your guy with the six-axis instead of the d-pad
-There is proximity chat
-Your clan can talk via open chat, but you can L2 to chat to everyone on your team. Or if you have proximity chat then you chat with who ever is around you.
-Audio has changed. Sounds around a corner sound muffled.
-There is now a run/sprint mode. You can run/sprint but you can't shoot and your gun will not be accurate after running. So basically just use this too avoid snipers.
-Tilt with the six-axis can be tweaked for sensitivity
-There are exploding barrels and cars.
-View distance is big, so no more fog like SOCOM 2
-Smoke looks dark gray
-They talk about the 3rd person view. They said because the new widescreen TVs have a different ratio, there was too much space on each side of the classic view.
-"Sony's Seth Luisi says, "Because it was more centered towards 4:3 TVs, and now going to 16:9, we have a lot more area off to the sides."
-You can go up on roofs.

Harry1905921d ago

the online multiplayer game 'par excellence'

sonarus5921d ago

where the hell are those screens. Sept 16 is quite far off but i'm sure its because of beta testing. I hope i can get into the open beta.

legendkilla5920d ago

i'm hopin to get into the beta too! when is it?

gameraxis5920d ago

but 7 maps? does anyone think thats a little low? i think games like Call of Duty 4, and Warhawk spoiled me in that aspect. Any thoughts??

decapitator5921d ago

Same here. Details sounds great. Hope this turns out to be a superb game.

Breakfast5921d ago

I like the direction they're taking...but im a multiplayer type of guy. Multiplayer FTW

sonarus5921d ago

You can adjust the sensitivity. I think this is a smart move consiering everyone handles motion controls slightly differently

decapitator5921d ago

It's optional. You can turn it of and back on as you please.

TheExecutive5921d ago

oh please, there are plenty of creative ways to use the sixaxis.
It works very well in warhawk
It works very well in HS
It works incredibly well in R&C

I think people are overly critical of the motion controls. To tell you the truth I would take leaning my controller one way or the other over having to use the d-pad any day of the week.

sonarus5921d ago

very well in warhawk is false imo. works OK in hsword but fantastic in Ratchet and clank. I actually found myself looking forwars to the six axis scenes

jwatt5921d ago

Yea when you have to use the six axis to steer it's not all that great but when you use it for special things like in HS and R&C then it's great.

I'm really starting to get excited for Socom, it looks like is just going to be a fun game.

fenderputty5921d ago (Edited 5921d ago )

and so did Drakes Fortune.

Motorstorm was super fun to play with the sixaxis but, if I wanted to be competitive, I played with analog. I beat almost the entire game in motion control and in FP view. Most intense racing experience I've ever had with a game.

Sevir045921d ago

those games made a perfect example of building a game around that control mechanism l=while others were ok they felt tacked on and unrefined.

klashawnd5920d ago

Sony should just suck it up and make their own little "wiimote" for the PS3. I know, I know it would be a total rip off of Nintendo but think about it - I would love to play MLB the Show with the "dualmotion" or "shockmotion" or whatever they would call it. Swinging for the fences with Big Papi would be a blast! I'm sorry but Wii Sports sucks to me nowadays and it all has to do with the graphics. Why play Wii bowling when I can play High Velocity Bowling with better graphics and the ability to spin the ball? If anything they should do it just to compete a little better with the Wii. It would be just like the Wii but with better graphics and blu-ray capabilities!

Ok I'm dreaming, feel free to disagree me to death lol!

TheExecutive5920d ago

I forgot about Folklore, it uses some of the best sixaxis controls ever!

Alcohog5920d ago

Sounds like a great idea to me. Sixaxis controls for leaning is sweet, it keeps your fingers free for other controls. The ability to adjust teh sensitivity only sweetens the deal.

akaFullMetal5920d ago

I love using the sixaxis in warhawk, i cant fly the warhawks with out it, its just that awesome. One point though if you start the game with sixaxis then you will love it, but if you start to learn with analog, then that will be your prefrence. So i suggest you start warhawk with sixaxis it really is good, especially if you out on pro flight

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Milkman5415921d ago

Why must you make me wait so long? :( I wonder what is going to happen with Socom 4 then because Socom: Confrontation was suppose to be out long ago and I would think Socom 4 can't be that far behind, because Zipper hasn't been doing anything....

I mean look at this fall how in the hell am I suppose to play all these games, it's going to be crazy....

PimpHandStrong5921d ago

and i still think Socom is the best online 3rd person shooter ever

Sept in a long time to wait so i hope all the extra work they must be doing will make it RULE

Socom was one of the main reason i bought a PS3


getting 4 out of 5 this year is awesome

Grassroots5921d ago

If you think Socom3 is the best, then man you gotta play SOCOM II my friend. It's way better than 3.

BubblesDAVERAGE5921d ago

I loved it just as much as all socom series it...people just didn't like it because it was different...but thats what people don't like look at halo there basic game play hasn't changed since 1...

FourtyPoundSteak5920d ago

SOCOM 2. Greatest online military shooter ever made. Nuff said

Rammknot5920d ago

I played all the socoms online, 2 was the best but i still liked 3 a lot.

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