The Getaway Preview

City gangsters decend on the gorgeous-looking PlayStation 3 London town...

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What Happened To PlayStation Exclusive Getaway?

What the hell happened to once hyped Getaway series?

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Rynxie1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

I can't believe I clicked this article. The writer adds nothing new to what we already know. Didn't bother updating anything with Sony London or Sony themselves. No new information was giving. Don't waste your time reading this article.

NecrumOddBoy1678d ago

Everyone falls for a Gamingbolt clickbait once... 🤗 Best know to avoid the crap from now on, friend.

isarai1678d ago

I still think London Studio is one of the most under utilized yet most capable devs in the industry. Whether its Sonys duing or their own decision to only focus on peripheral based games and smaller projects, i really wish they would get/take a shot at a flagship title

ApocalypseShadow1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

You're probably right on the under utilization of the developer. But I'll say they are the most successful risk takers at Sony instead of them just making another expected third person game. There's plenty of those.

Getaway is no more but the quality from them is definitely there with their other products. Blood & Truth VR being one of their recent killer rides. Call it a spiritual successor. Still wish they could have used that PS3 Getaway tech demo data to make B&T bigger. Or ported the original Getaway to VR. But they probably only had a small amount of funds to use.

But we need at least one of Sony's top developers making VR games that is capable because it's not like the other top teams are jumping in anytime soon. Not even a small 8 man team on the side just to say they tested the waters of VR.

-Foxtrot1678d ago

They need to reboot it and really put a lot of thought into it

Do it the right way and this could be Sony's Grand Theft Auto if they wanted.

The UK has tons of cities to visit aswell. London, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne etc

purple1011678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Rumor has it sony have some sort of exclusive with rockstar on the next GTA. Talking of that..

This would really seal the market up for them.

Also interestingly I remember getting a Sony VAIO Pro 13 laptop it had some sort of special SSD the way it's interfaced which motherboard was light years ahead back in 2013 then nvme. M. 2 and all that jazz came along with my little laptop from 2013 already heard similar albeit not by name.

Just goes to show they are ahead in technology terms ASWELL as games. I cannot wait to see the SSD speed on ps5. I'm thinking it's twice as fast as competitors..

Now you would think all manufacturers would using off-the-shelf Samsung made fastest Evo model but from my laptop I had in 2013, I know so if they put their minds to it, they they will make a better one.

(just incase anyone's interested)

I also think it's down tuo how big a loss there wiling to take per console.. and being Japanese, very humble... I'm sure it's quite a lot!

thatguyhayat1677d ago

Can you provide a link with this rumour

Kiwi661677d ago

Rumor has it that your rumor is false

KwietStorm_BLM1677d ago

There was a rumor that made a lot of rounds on the internet in the winter last year about PS5 specs and next generation launch games, including said GTA exclusive and Bad Company 3, long before anything official was mentioned about PS5. The PS5 specs, to this point, was pretty much spot on, especially if you've been paying attention to AMD since then, and some games on the list have even been confirmed in development. There was also the false report about Sony buying Take Two, which could have been the GTA deal misinterpreted.

So before anyone writes off any rumors, let's wait and see. There's a lot of time between now and next generation. And it's not like there's no precedence for GTA timed exclusivity on PlayStation.

FPS_D3TH1676d ago

Damn bro, I gotta stretch to make sense of that sort of reach

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Elda1677d ago

Please!!! Just stop!! Next.

nucky641677d ago

getaway and 8 days - i was very interested in both.

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Exclusive interview with game and film writer Katie Ellwood

If you know 'The Getaway' series, then you may already know who Katie Ellwood is. She worked as Sony Europe's narrative producer, as well as having a role on the original Getaway game and The Getaway: Black Monday. However, more recently, she has broken away from Sony to pursue a more independent career, now screenwriting for games and film as a director of two different business. She took some time out of her schedule to talk to Gamer's Guide to Life about writing for games, films and The Getaway series.

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MriownBOTH5395d ago

horrible games but whatever

Solid_Malone5395d ago

i was really looking forward to the getaway :( *sigh*

kidnplay5395d ago

Yeah, it's a shame The Getaway was cancelled, as it looked like it was going to be a great game. I suppose it was just the fact that it'd cost too much to develop that made Sony drop it.

Cajun Chicken5395d ago

Not to mention, not many people valued the franchise when it was back on PS2.

kidnplay5395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

To be honest, that's a big generalisation, and people often forget that the original PS2 Getaway wasn't actually that awful. The thing is, Black Monday was so bad, they forget that the original was actually okay. I see your point, but I do believe that people tend to be a little hard on the game.

jkkfreelance5395d ago

Yea your right black monday was terrible but Id like to see them give it another go.